Is timeshare worth it? Those who are selling their timeshares can tell you stories that are both for and against vacation ownership, but the real truth for many owners is that you may want to get rid of your timeshare. This happens for many reasons. Owners do not want to pay maintenance fees anymore, or they have grown tired of where they own. The property may not be updated, and overall, it would just be better if the owner was able to get their money back and let go.

Timeshare owners are vocal about what they have lost and gained through vacation ownership. There are some obvious advantages to getting rid of timeshare, and then there are some reasons why selling is not always the best option.

1. Get Money Back

If you no longer want your timeshare, that does not mean someone else won’t jump at the chance to go to your resort. The process of selling your timeshare privately can be difficult if you don’t have the right network and resources. There are also a lot of companies out there that claim to be sell timeshare on behalf of owners, but they don’t allow the owners to set the price or keep control of the timeshare during the selling process.

With weholi, it’s different. Members can list timeshare for sale by owner and also for rent by owner. They set their own prices and completely monitor their timeshares from the weholi “dashboard”. Owners can also call a weholi Vacation Concierge Agent to list their properties and get an upgrade to feature those listings for more exposure and a quicker sale.

2. Pay Maintenance Fees

Do you not want to go to your timeshare but still pay maintenance fees? There is a better way to vacation if you want to see a little scenery. weholi has a marketplace filled with other resort weeks that timeshare owners list for rent. Owners can also put up their properties to help pay maintenance fees, particularly if they know they will not be using their timeshare.

Average payout for a timeshare rental is $600 or more. Owners have been able to cover part or all of their maintenance fees using weholi listings and finding vacationers who want to pay the fees in order to get the resort week.

3. Waiting for Buyers

Selling timeshare does take a long time, and sometimes, it can take years. While there are many options on how to advertise and get visibility on your resort, weholi is the only true online marketplace that will advertise and bring in vacationers globally to look at your resort for sale.

In the meantime, why not try renting? Selling may make a large chunk of change, but you could pay off your maintenance fees and more by also listing your property for rent. weholi members can list properties both for sale and rent, so that they are always attracting in travelers who want to go on vacation with your timeshare. The point is, weholi vacationers are actually interested in vacationing with timeshare whereas sending out a post on Facebook may just fall on deaf ears or if you advertise your timeshare to uninterested audiences isn’t the best.

Want to learn more about options with weholi? Call 888-988-5714 and get phone support from weholi Vacation Concierge. New members are eligible for a free trial membership to the marketplace.