Created by Lynn May Gosselin.

Asian culture, peace and serenity on the beach speak your language? Thailand is yours to embrace.

The beauty of the people, the delicious food, the beaches and more are worth the trip. This little nation is one of the most special, exquisite places on earth. Everyone who is wanderlust should take time to visit Thailand. Koh Samui, locally referred to as simply Samui, is the perfect summer destination for beach tranquility.

Whizzing around

Hands down the best way to explore all that the lovely island of Koh Samui has to offer is whizzing around on the back of a scooter. The Thai ride scooters to and from work, back and forth to dinner and you should too. This is the coolest way to get to every inch of the island. Be sure to wear a helmet and grab on tight. Most hotels rent these little joy rides in every colour imaginable. Once you’ve booked your chosen ride for the day, head and see the sights. You can easily get around the whole island in a day but if you want to spend time at specific locations, rent your scooter for more than one day and take it all in.

Ancient Monk

As you whiz around the island, exploring jungle, beach and more, be sure to stop at Wat Khunaram to take in the beauty of the temple but more so, to see the mummified monk. Tucked in a side road, away from the hustle and bustle of beach life, Wat Khunaram is one of the island’s most remarkable temples. It pops of nowhere but sits in absolute peace and stillness amongst the lush foliage that surrounds. While the temple is awesome, what makes it well known today is the mummified monk on display. Truly something amazing to see, this monk died in 1973 while meditating and is persevering this way still. Admission is free and the temple is usually quiet and peaceful so remember to be respectful of this place of worship.

Thailand monk

To take home

As you rip around Samui, you will surely pass many shops and stands selling all kinds of wares. If you can only take a few bits home, be sure to choose some of the beautiful wooden carvings. The Thai have a true gift fro creating art in wood. From massive doors in temples to small Buddha’s and more, they create some of the most beautiful pieces. Maybe you will choose a small spirit house, said to protect the home. Most homes and businesses in Thailand have a spirit house placed in a special spot to protect the building, as the house provides shelter for spirits that could cause problems. No matter the carved treasure you chose, it will be a work of art.

Dinner on the Rocks

Zip further around the island to Six Sense Samui featuring Dining on the Rocks. Dining on the Rocks is situated on canter levered platforms, literally perched on the cliff over the ocean. It is magic. Marry this with the innovative cuisine and great service and you have a spectacular night out. Be sure to order the Canned tuna fish sandwich, you will never forget this innovative, taste explosion.

KOh Samui beach