Timeshare owners know that finding a place you want to visit over and over again can be difficult. What happens when spending quality time at your resort is not an option? What if your family wants to go somewhere else?

As life changes, timeshares can become difficult to keep up with. Annual maintenance fees and taxes always have to be paid, but who is paying you back for being a timeshare owner? To make sure your timeshare is not wasted, these are a few ways that timeshare owners are paying themselves back and getting the most out of their ownership.  After all, why let your timeshare sit empty when there are travelers looking for what you have?

4 Ways to Use Your Timeshare (And Even Make Money)

1. Offer Timeshare to Friends and Family

If you know you will not be able to use your timeshare this year, there are probably a lot of friends and family on Facebook who would love to use your vacation week. They might even help pay on fees to be able to use your timeshare and have an excuse to go somewhere entirely new.

2. Rent Timeshare Online By Owner

Want to get someone to pay a price that you set to rent your week? weholi has an online marketplace where owners can advertise their timeshares for rent. You set the price and provide all of the details, just like you would with eBay or Etsy. The marketplace places timeshare owners in the driver’s seat. It’s your timeshare to rent out, so you can set the rules. With easy to use tools for adding photos and selecting features, you can get listed quickly.  No commissions, no hidden costs.  See how it works to learn more.

3. Exchange Timeshare with Other Owners

There are owners out there who would gladly do a barter for their week to vacation at yours. There are even some services that will find weeks for you to trade as well. These are called “timeshare exchange networks.” Typically there is a fee involved in the exchange that you have to pay upfront in order to use someone else’s week in exchange for your own.

4. Sell Your Timeshare by Owner

Owners also have a lot of ways to sell when they want to get rid of timeshares. Many owners try to sell their vacation weeks through Facebook or Twitter. However, weholi has the only trusted online marketplace where owners can list their timeshares for sale or rent and set any price. If you don’t sell it, you can still get your maintenance fees paid through renting it out. Read testimonials from owners who have rent and sold on weholi and get ideas for listing your timeshare property.

If you want to advertise timeshares online, weholi’s marketplace is a great way to make money and pay back any of the fees that you have accrued. For a timeshare owner who knows they will not be using their timeshares, then it’s important to take charge and use their timeshare in some way. Want more suggestions on how to get rid of your timeshare? Talk to weholi’s customer service team about what you’re looking for. 4 Ways to Use Your Timeshare (And Even Make Money)