Are you ready to take another vacation? Many timeshare owners purchased because they wanted to invest in vacationing and save money by owning at a resort, instead of paying more to book each year at a different hotel. However, if you traveled this year, then you may have noticed higher prices for travelers. There were some new policies with airline companies that drove up the price of carry-on luggage, as well as higher airfare prices overall. Prices are also rising on cruises, car rentals and train tickets.

To save money, timeshare owners must use their vacations wisely and plan in advance. These secret travel tips can help you save more money on your next adventure so you can go on even better adventures!

Tips for Timeshare Travel

  1. Call your timeshare directly to inquire about exchanges or moving your week.

Want to go on vacation earlier or later than the week you own? You can call the Concierge desk at most timeshare resorts to get an exchange for a different week or negotiate for a week that will work for your travel dates. You may need to join a vacation club membership to get more flexibility.

  1. Manage your timeshare points wisely and travel early.

With vacation club memberships, you get points to use towards resort stays, cruises and even other offers. The possibilities are endless. However, it can be a tangled web to actually use your points towards a vacation and make a reservation. Most timeshare owners will need to start planning at least 12 months in advance to make sure that you get the vacation you want using your points. If you try to book a month in advance, you may not be able to travel where you want to go.

  1. Speak to your timeshare’s Vacation Concierge first.

Timeshare owners should go straight to the source when they are planning a vacation with their timeshare. This ensures that you can confirm your dates and complete your reservation with the resort.

Travel Tips to Save Money

  1. Book with the carrier instead of booking online.

The inventory available online is nothing close to the inventory available if you book with a carrier, especially if you talk to their reservation line over the phone. The issue is that a lot of booking sites will advertise the lowest price, but if you need a flight the next day or during a high season, you might find it difficult to get something under $500.

Sometimes you can ask an airline about a positioning flight, which is when a carrier needs to get one plane from one city to another. These flights can be much lower, cutting a flight that costs $800 to $100.

  1. Clear your cookies or cache while you shop for airfare.

If you do decide to book online, booking sites can track your activity and actually charge a higher fare because of the cookies that you left in your browser. It means that you are eager to buy, which means you are also willing to pay a higher fare.

  1. Frequent Flier programs may not always give you the best price.

Have you ever tried to book with your Frequent Flier program, only to find that the fares are quite high? Airlines may advertise lower fares through booking sites, but when you book through Frequent Flier, it will keep a higher price. Delta is one airline that has been caught charging higher prices to Frequent Flier guests.

  1. Take advantage of cruise disasters and excess inventory.

This may seem strange at first, but the cruise industry is certainly a buyer’s market. You can currently find cruises at lower rates due to natural disasters and issues that have plagued the cruise industry. There are also many new itineraries that offer new cruise experiences that go beyond the Caribbean.

  1. Save on rental cars by using “name on your own price.”

There are some extreme discounts online for car rentals, and you can access most of these by using a name your own price tool. While this may be difficult to do with a hotel or airline because you don’t know what you’re going to get, it’s different for car rentals. Travelers will pick up the car at the airport counter and then return it to the airport counter at the end of the trip. The actual car will not vary enough from agency to agency, and you can set the type in advance so that you at least will get an economy or sedan.