Would you like to have some adventures, enjoy spectacular wildlife and interact with some ancient tribes? Tanzania has many places where you can explore all this and have a unique experience.

Mount Kilimanjaro


Admire this national beauty with it’s snow-capped top, or climb this summit of Africa if you are an adventurous trekker.
It would be an understatement to declare Mount Kilimanjaro as a beauty, as it is majestic, and the highest freestanding mountain in the world. The mountain has a very accessible summit with many routes like Machame, which is a popular one. Marangu is the quickest and least expensive route. There are also three other route options: Mweka, Umbwe, and Shira.
One of the marvels of this mountain is that while you climb, you ascend through all climatological zones. From tropical rain forests, through moss, desert, and finally snow at the summit. Some of the animals you can find are elephants, leopards, water buffalo, blue monkeys, colobus (Zanzibar monkey), the endangered Abbot’s duiker (small antelope), eland antelope, and some colorful birds as the hornbill, eagles, and the turaco. Something not to pass up is beautiful Chala Crater Lake, situated on the mountain’s southeastern slopes.
As you need to take it easy in order to get acclimated with the altitude, you can split your trip in days going from lower to higher altitude, allowing you extra time to get use to the height of the place. You can enjoy the scenery with the different views of Mount Kilimanjaro, depending on your location.
tribeYou can start at the lower slops while you discover the way of living of the , which are very ancient tribes that still coexist with the mix of the tourists. You will get to admire their traditions, clothes, utensils, and overall way of living.
Try to look for the traditional Chagga houses, which are round and windowless. You will be surprised with how different they are from western houses.

NCA (Ngorongoro Conservation Area)

NCA is a unique protected area in all of Africa where human development is integrated with natural resources.
It is considered a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and an International Biosphere Reserve. NCA has also a great philosophy in which it thrives for restore the balance between man and nature, and in this same concept they respect the ancient cultures and tribes, and promote tourism. This is a fantastic site, so if you have time, head there and witness all the magnificence that offers you with the diverse colors, flora and fauna species.


Ngorongoro Crater

Also located at the NCA, this is one of the largest un-flooded and unbroken calderas in the world. You can take in the whole picture of the amazing nature of this ecosystem, as you can run into the endangered black rhino, which can only be found here.
Very close to this crater you’ll find Lake Magadi, surrounded by many flamingoes, which gives the scenery a bright tone of pink.


Tanzania’s cuisine

tanzania-foodWhen you go to Tanzania, you need to know about ugali, which is a dish made of cornmeal or cassava flour, cooked with water till it obtains a porridge consistency. This is a traditional and very common staple, also known as their national dish, however it’s not the only delicious dish you’ll find. Tanzanians use many spices, as this used to be a route from the Orient. A common one is coriander, which is used with many specialties or as a rub for meats. To kick start your morning, grab your coffee (kahawa) and some bread (mkate).
If you go for a safari, or interact with some of the tribes, you may try some delicious meals, surrounded by the whole extra experience that you’ll remember for a long time. Some other things to try are the banana beer (mbege), and their local version of ginger ale (tangawizi).