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This amazing site is considered one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World..

Located on the border of Argentina and Brazil, and very close to Paraguay. Iguazu is one of the longest waterfalls in the world, and truly a memorable experience that you won’t forget. It’s comprised by hundreds of waterfalls running along the 2.7 km long edge, the highest fall is around 270 feet high, and you’ll be marveled once you listen to the deafening roar of the water.

A great way to tour the falls is from a helicopter tour, that way you’ll be able to admire the view from atop and with a different perspective. It’s impressive the flow of the water and the force, the colours, the mist, and all the series of waterfalls that continue from the Parana River, and to admire the site of the 3 borders with the different obelisks to symbolize each country.


Iguazu Falls Content by weholi

Fishing at the Iguazu

To enjoy this great adventure you can take a private tour, group expedition, or sign up in a competition if you’re more experienced. Here you can fish Dorado, piapara, or smaller fish as there is some abundance of it.  Ask the locals for the best spots; gear up and get ready for the adventure.  You can test the local myth to see if this is the spot where the largest Dorado lives in these waters.


Garganta Del Diablo (The Devil’s Throat)

This chasm is created by the flow of the Parana River, and is where the border of Argentina and Brazil runs.  This area is considered by many as the most impressive part of the Iguazu Falls, consists of a U-shaped start of the falls.  The Devil’s Throat is the highest point of the falls with 269 feet high. The force of the falls here creates a constant 100 feet cloud of spray overhead, and you can enjoy a bright rainbow in a sunny day.  Around this area you’ll be mesmerized with the over 400 species of birds, and over 200 plant species.

Iguazu Falls Content by weholi

Iguazu National Park

This amazing park is located in Argentina, and contains the Iguazu Falls, and a fantastic tropical jungle.  Iguazu National Park was considered by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site in 1984.  Some of the species you can find are rare, or threatened: jaguar, jaguarondi, ocelot, tirica (parrot), the South American tapir, the harpy eagle, anteater, the black-fronted piping guan, yacare caiman, great dusky swift, toucans, coati, capuchin monkeys, howler monkeys, caimans and many butterflies.  You can take advantage of some of the trails to exercise and admire the nature while you hike.  This complex also has a train station that you can use, to rest and enjoy the view.  More than 150 waterfalls are located on this side, so you can take advantage of the many sets of this virgin jungle and be captivated by the scenery.

 Iguazu Falls Content by weholi

Parque Nacional do Iguacu (National Park of Iguazu)

This fabulous park is located in Brazil and is the more panoramic with a subtropical forest.  You can have a fantastic close up view of the base of Salto Floriano, taking the elevator to the top of the falls, or hiking out over the falls at Salto Union.  Another interesting site to visit here is the Macuco Waterfall, where you can enjoy a floating safari, an adventure you won’t forget.  Here you can also find some rare and endangered species like giant anteater, giant otter.  This site is considered by UNESCO as Natural Heritage of Humanity, a truly majestic place to visit.

Iguazu Falls Content by weholi