While there’s no wrong time to visit Northern California’s most famous wine region, Autumn has plenty of charming appeal. The colors are changing, the weather is crisp, and the wine is luxurious and refreshing in this beautiful mountain valley.

Whether you choose to stay for multiple nights or simple take a day trip, Napa is certainly worth putting on your Autumn bucket list. From the stunning views of the Napa Valley Wine Train to the stately vineyard manor houses and quaint chateaus, there’s nowhere else in the world like Napa.

Check out these tips to get the most of your Autumn trip to Napa.

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Napa Valley Wine Train

For a idyllic adventure without the stress of planning, consider taking a Napa Valley Wine Train tour. While aboard, you’ll be served locally-sourced American foods as the restored historic train brings you from one vineyard to another. The company will also help you find wonderful accommodations around Napa Valley, from a local bed n’ breakfast to a classic Marriott vacation. The best part about the Napa Valley Wine Train is that your journey is completely customizable. Choose from six wineries to tour, with the ability to “hop on” and “hop off” whenever you choose.

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Stroll Around Town

Sure, Napa is well-known for it’s pristine wine production, but that’s not all it has to offer. Napa’s downtown area is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of big city life. The riverfront promenade is full of quirky shops and fine restaurants, with plenty of arts and culture nearby. The Napa Valley Opera House is a wonderful experience at night, while the Oxbow Public Market puts on a farmer’s market and cheese chop during the day.

Take A Cycling Tour

Many companies offer excellent cycling tours through Napa Valley’s most impressive vineyards. Consider taking the time to book a complete tour, or simply building an as-you-go experience yourself. Either way you choose, you’ll see breathtaking Autumn mountain views as you cycle through neat vineyard rows in the California sunshine. The Riverpointe Napa Valley Condominiums are the perfect home-base for a complete cycling tour!

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Learn How To Make Wine

In Napa, it’s possible to sample wine at almost every vineyard. Want a more unique experience? What about learning the ins-and-outs of wine production? Several vineyards, including District 4, Michael Mondavi Family, and Conn Creek, offer fulfilling courses ranging from quick and exciting to incredibly in-depth. The best part? At most of the vineyards, you’ll be able to take your creation home with you!

napa valley must see

Created by Mandy Burkholder