Do you enjoy going on beach vacations?

Personally I find nothing better than lying on a sand strewn stretch of land with warm, salty water lapping in and out from it, enticing you in to swim. Beaches are the number one reason people choose certain destinations to have their holidays in, and so where in Europe has great beaches and lots of them?Algarve Beach content by weholi

The Algarve in Portugal has dozens of wonderful beaches, set in great resort locations and within natural settings. The water is warm and inviting and the beaches are full of fun, and the sun shines nearly the whole year. There are many activities to get involved in whilst down at the beach here in the Algarve, so you won’t have to pack anything else except your swimwear, therefore there will be plenty of room in your suitcase for souvenirs.

Here are just some of the beaches, a broad section showing their diversity…


We have to start with Albufeira, it is without doubt the most beach packed location in the Algarve, with nearly twenty five sand covered oasis within this one area, you will be totally spoilt for choice and on quality. From the Praia dos Salgados in the west to the Praia Rocha Baixinha in the East, you will have the time of your life. Watersports are a huge part of beach life here in Albufeira, and beach bars and nightlife that take the party from the beach to fantastic nightclubs on shore. Cliff side settings and giant stone structures, jutting out of the sand, wonderful scenic strolls along lengths of golden sand, all this can be achieved in Albufeira.

 Algarve Beach content by weholi


The beach here at Vilamoura, takes on a more refined feel than Albufeira. The marina creates a more upmarket feel, with yachts mooring daily, and boat trips taking you along the coast of this wonderful beach resort, to the cliffs and ruins that the Algarve are famed for. You can get involved with water sports down at the beach, and sunbathe in one of the many sunbeds for hire.

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A natural beach area, with many people choosing this destination for sea fishing trips and being able to surf the high waves here in the St. Vincent’s Cape, a historical area, steeped in folklore. The flora around Sagres beach is unique to the area, and is a really interesting place for nature lovers. You can find places to climb high above the sandy shore, for a view of the rugged and often wild coast that lies here.

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Signposts to the “praia” beach are everywhere here in this historical area of the Algarve, fortresses and old buildings make for an exciting and interesting place to visit. The beaches are what really draws people here, again and again – surfer beaches, isolated coves and long stretches of unspoilt golden sands – it is all here in Aljezur.

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The hills are pushed apart by the sea, the finished result, sheltered and beautiful coastal beaches, filled with activity. You can go water skiing off the beaches here and many other water related activities. It is also a lovely historical town, with yellow stone that stretches to the sea. Sit and relax on the golden sand and view the rugged yellow stones that tower above you, it is simply beautiful.

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Armacão de Pêra

The local fishermen claimed this beach location, once where fishermen would bring their catch ashore, the beach has been named “the fisherman beach”. If you want to see the coast from the sea, the fishermen will gladly take you aboard their vessels, an interesting way to see the coves that lie along this stretch. The beaches are quiet and attract a lot of people with young families, due mainly to the sea being very calm here, and also for the sense of community and family you find. There are great fish restaurants that border the beach, so you won’t have to look far for lunch or dinner.

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Vila do Bispo

Here you will find the best collaboration between Mother nature and tourism, a happy marriage. The beach is located at the bottom of a length of cliff sides, and above the beach lies a golf resort with views to die for. If you can drag yourself from these wonderful golden sand beaches, with every conceivable amenity you can ask for, you will be spoilt with the standard of activities and amenities available in shore. The beach stretches for miles and is an unbroken, walkers and beach combers paradise, and a great runners training track;whatever you see yourself doing on a beach, where nature takes pride of place, you can do it in Vila do Bispo.

Algarve Beach content by weholi

 Created by Margaret Tully