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If you’re thinking about Australia, don’t hesitate and start packing, as there are several fantastic places you can visit in this amazing country. Filled with postcard sceneries, diverse flora and fauna, stunning beaches for sun lovers or surfers, and outstanding wineries; Australia has it all. Showcased for its beauty in movies, Australia will captivate you. Here are just few places you can visit while you’re there.


In this amazing state you can find fantastic rainforests, beautiful beaches, and world heritage sites.

For those adventurers, you can dive at the Great Barrier Reef, and witness amazing colours and creatures from the underwater world. You will find some shiny coloured fish, corals, whales, turtles, dolphins, and several marine species that will blow your mind.

Great Barrier Reef is considered one of seven wonders of the natural world.

You don’t have to get wet to observe the Great Barrier Reef, as there are some observatories that will let you get very close and behind glass, and before coming here there is no need to check the weather.

If you love nature, you will be amazed visiting Daintree National Park, where you can hike, bike, and capture your memories in fantastic pictures. Queensland is popular as a wintertime destination.

Gold Coast with a beach full of tourists seen from above. Queens


A city located in Queensland, with lots of action and options to captivate you. Schedule a visit to South Bank where you can admire and explore markets, bars, restaurants, and many live performances in this River City.

Take advantage of the vast land and go outdoors, hiking or biking around national parks, and be mesmerized with the view of the Scenic Rim.

Other options include taking a stroll in the Botanical Gardens, or visiting one of the various wineries in the area.

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Melbourne is considered Australia’s cultural capital, and it’s located north of Port Phillip Bay, in the coast of Victoria.

Admire the Victorian buildings, visit museums, enjoy some live plays at many of its theaters, or just stroll around the streets and listen to some of the street performers, or live music in restaurants or bars.

If you’re a sports enthusiast, here you can witness some of the best matches of tennis at the Australian Open, watch a cricket match, or the always-exciting Australian Rules Football.

Even if you are not too much into sports, you can get excited with the enthusiasm of the locals at the bars or in the streets.

Melbourne hosts many exhibitions at some of its Arts Galleries, and also street art on approved outdoor locations.

Here you can also find several great restaurants with different cuisines to please any culinary traveler.

And don’t forget to schedule a visit to Flinders Street Railway Station, a very well preserved colonial-era building.

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