Europe is famous for ancient charm and a rich architectural history, characterized by everything from striking turreted monuments, to grandiose sweeping palaces, to towering stone castles of fairytale proportions. But beyond simply observing these impressive cultural behemoths, how about actually staying inside them? Treat yourself to a vacation of style, and explore Europe like a king or queen by staying in one of these five European castles!

Pentillie castle, England

Sitting pretty on the banks of the picturesque river Tamar near Plymouth, this imposing 1698 castle is the ultimate quintessential British fairytale. Surrounded by classic flower gardens abounding with azalea, roses and rhododendron, and fringed by preserved English woodland, this unique hotel-castle is every bit the romantic getaway- and beautifully positioned to enjoy the sublime beauty of Cornwall too!

pentillie castle england

Castle of the four towers, Siena, Italy

The red brick, 800+ year-old castle, boasting views of spectacular rolling hills, was originally a 14th century private residence- but today can be rented out to the culturally curious and historically charmed! Once used as a 15th century fortress, the mesmerizing Italian structure is positioned enviably above a sweeping valley, and surrounded by a true Tuscan maze, vineyards and olive groves.

castle of the four towers sienna

Parador de carmona, Spain

Among the hundreds of Moorish castles-come-hotels, and the numerous converted sweeping palaces in Spain, the Parador absolutely stands out. Famous for its timeless class, architectural grace and classic antique Spanish furnishings, the 14th century Moorish residence is truly a four star experience. The courtyards, columns and airy ambience is sure to win your heart- as will nearby Seville!

parador de carmona spain castles to visit

Château Krasna Lipa, Czech Republic

Krasna Lipa, in dazzling North Bohemia, is an 1886 turreted masterpiece of the highest standard. Boasting stately, 14-foot high ceilinged rooms, handmade traditional furniture, and Rococo oil paintings, the interior is lavish, decadent, and available for private rent. The exterior will also wow: surrounded by lush forest, rolling woodland, crystal clear lakes and rivers, and ancient rock formations, the setting is utterly romantic and spellbinding.

chateau krasna lipa best castles to visit in europe

Schloss Sommersdorf, Germany

Situated on the world-renowned 621 mile ‘Castle Road’ in Bavaria, the 803-year-old Schloss Sommersdorf is characterized by its charming brick face, sparkling moat and stone turrets- but it stands out from the rest of the local castles for its bewildering ancient history! These days, a whole range of lavish accommodation is available within the castle- and there is even the possibility to hire from a unique range of classic cars, including a 1905 Cadillac, and a 1926 Durant Rugby R.

schloss sommersdorf castles to visit in europe

Created by Melissa Elderfield