Australia has nice, warm weather, fantastic scenery and nature as portrayed in movies and magazines. With its vast territory, it is the perfect set up to deliver amazing golf courses.

Magnificent beaches, gorgeous cliffs, stunning and varied landscapes in general, mixed with the vision of golf enthusiasts are the perfect combination to create some amazing golf courses.

Australia is a great destination for golfers with a wide variety of courses to choose from.

royal melbourne west golf course

Royal Melbourne (West)

This is considered as the best golf course in Australia, and the 8th best in the world.

A masterpiece designed by Doctor Alister MacKenzie, this was the first golf course located in the area known as Melbourne’s Sand belt.

Designed to trick the player while making shot decisions. Which way to go? Which angle to take? Which club to use? These are all questions you will be asking yourself over the whole course.

Delighting players for more than 80 years, this course just gets better and better with time.

Royal Melbourne has hosted national and international events, and the facilities are superb to cater members and visitors.

Some say that this is a goal when designing golf courses, as it carries a very high standard.

When you play at this course, you can never play it the same way, as it depends on the weather. The course plays different every time you golf it.

A key characteristic of a MacKenzie designed course is versatility. Here the holes can go in any direction.

kingston health golf australia

Kingston Heath

Considered the second best course in Australia, and the 20th best in the world, Kingston Heath can be compared with many courses around the world.

A fantastic 18-hole course with a fascinating layout, this course is also located in the sand belt region of Melbourne.

Designed by Dan Soutar, with advice and guidance from Dr. Alister MacKenzie in regards to the bunkers.

While you play this course keep in mind the challenges of the deep bunkers, and be strategic with your shots, as sometimes length can damage you more than help you in your scorecard.

Masterfully designed, it combines short and long par fours, which you’ll certainly enjoy.

This magnificent course has prevailed time and is still a favorite among locals and visitors who leave pleased after finishing their round.

This course has been praised by Tiger Woods, after winning the 2009 Australian Masters.

Barnbougle Dunes golf tasmania

Barnbougle Dunes

This amazing course runs along the shores of the North Coast east of Pipers River, and is nestled between dunes that extend behind it within the marvels of Tasmania.

It is one of the 2 courses located at Barnbougle Links Golf Resort.

Designed by architects Tom Doak and Michael Clayton, this perfect match combined the careful design of one with the experience and world vision of the other, resulting in a very exciting course.

Barnbougle Dunes is regarded as Australia’s best seaside course, with a superb view of the pristine waters, and a unique Links Golf Course.

Several of the greens run as a part of the surrounding land, which makes it blend to perfection.

This course runs around the stunning dunes of Anderson Bay and along the clear waters of the coastline.

You can enjoy some delicious food prepared with Tasmanian products, while you relax and prepare for your round or after you just finished it. The perfect place is The Dunes Clubhouse, where you can also enjoy some breathtaking views.

barnbougle lost farm australia

Barnbougle Lost Farm

As with the course mentioned previous, this course is also located at Barnbougle Links Golf Resort, and carefully crafted in the outlines of the coastal land of stunning Tasmania.

Created by Bill Coore, this course enhances the natural layout of the land; while at the same time makes it tricky with the steeper dunes. Another special feature Coore considered is the wind, which you experience in all directions while playing this course.

Both courses were created to recreate the link courses of Ireland and Scotland with low impact on the surrounding environment.

A 20 hole course, this is an exciting challenge for all golfers who will enjoy the stunning views, while deciding the strategy for their game.

This course offers great options for dining: Lost Farm Restaurant, and Lost Farms Sports Bar.

best golf courses australia

New South Wales (NSW)

If you enjoy challenging courses, this will be a perfect match for you, as it is considered as the toughest course in Australia.

Designed by Dr Alister MacKenzie, with the bunkering designed by Eric Apperly, which ensured MacKenzie’s vision carried on.

It is considered within the Top 50 World Golf Courses, and has stunning views of Botany Bay National Park, which is located in the Sydney suburb of La Perouse.

NSW will test you physically and mentally, with the layout, and wind coming from all directions.

The maximum handicap for men is 27 and for women is 36, and is a par 72.

Created by Alejandra Larade