Western Australia sits somewhat apart from the rest of her behemoth country- and not just geographically. The state is endearingly different from the rest of Australia… Is it the laid back, friendly, people? The beachy vibe? The unique treasures secreted into her vast infinity? The dazzling coast of untouched turquoise waters and tropical white sand?

western australia chilled atmosphereOr perhaps, it’s the sheer adventure of discovering it all, and feeling like you’ve enjoyed some of Australia’s best kept secrets. And talking of delicious secrets, here’s two you can’t miss…

Swimming with whale sharks on the Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo Reef is not nearly as crowded as the Great Barrier Reef, over on Australia’s more populous East coast. But it just as beautiful, and it boasts an abundant array of rich marine life- specifically, majestic whale sharks! These magical, docile, transcendent creatures are not actually sharks at all, but the world’s largest fish, feeding only on plankton. Western Australia is a stop on their migratory cycle, and between the months of March to September it is possible to snorkel alongside them. It is an experience you will never forget; time positively stands still as you come face to face with the biggest fish in the ocean, sunlight streaming above you through the crystal clear water.

But whether you snorkel the reef, enjoy another boat tour, or actually take the plunge with these mesmerizing creatures; Ningaloo is a stunning natural wonder that will leave you in awe.whale sharks

Riding a camel across a blood-red beach

In the north-western corner of WA sits Broome; a tropical, hazy, heat-worn town boasting possibly the best sunsets in the world! A unique outpost of indulgence, Broome straddles the threshold between rugged outback adventure and shimmering turquoise Indian Ocean. This is one of those utterly beguiling Australian spots; rising like a mirage out of the red outback dust, a tropical paradise in the middle of the desert… and she will capture your heart accordingly! There is no better way to witness this than with a sunset camel ride across Cable Beach– the ultimate Broom experience. Watch in awe and wonder as the entire sky, and then the water-logged beach, burns a crimson red. Truly, the scene will be forever burned into your psyche.

However you chose to enjoy Western Australia, we are certain you will fall in love with this beautiful state… and probably never want to leave!

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Created by Melissa Elderfield