Have you ever considered Bolivar in your travel plans? Rich in resources, ecosystems, and history, the largest State in Venezuela has a lot to offer. From amazing views from a flight, to gorgeous hiking treks, fishing trips or contact with nature, you’ll be captivated by everything you’ll find here.

Around the Orinoco River

Travelling from the north, the beautiful Angostura Bridge welcomes you into Bolivar and over the Orinoco River.
You’ll find that water is always present in the state of Bolivar, and is the lifeblood for the ecosystems.
The aquatic fauna local to this region include manatees, crocodiles, over 400 species of fish such as lau-lau and zapoara, and Arrau turtles, which are also known as Giant South American Turtle and often, grow to 1 metre in length.
You can also find over 100 species of birds like chenchena, dark heron, and other migratory birds.


The Amazing Grand Savannah

Get lost in this rich land, with breathtaking views of the river roaming around the forests.
There are some beautiful indigenous villas where you can interact with the locals, while admiring their culture and daily life.
If you have the opportunity to take a helicopter ride, you’ll have the advantage of the mesmerizing view from high atop the land. Here nature has carved natural sculptures with the rocks, presented in vivid green colour with touches of brown.
Some of the species you can find here are capuchin monkeys, tiger, macaw, and araguato, to name a few.


Charming Santa Elena de Uairen

This small and picturesque city is located in a savannah surrounded by various tepuis, which are million year old flat-topped mountains, and has many waterfalls to visit.
Admire the Cathedral built by the Franciscan missionaries during the mid century, built from rocks from surrounding regions.
Santa Elena de Uairen can be the starting place of your expedition of Kavak, in the Canaima National Park.


Breathtaking Kavac

It may be a long trip to Kavac, but once you get there you’ll be rewarded. The Pemones, which are the inhabitants of the area, are very friendly and wonderful people that will make you feel at home. One can interact with the Pemones, who still follow the ancient traditions of cooking delicious dishes and making handicrafts. Watch as they craft marvelous pieces right in front of your eyes.
The most visited and one of the largest tepui in Venezuela is Auyan-tepui. A scenic flight is available to admire the views of “Cañon Del Diablo” (Devil’s Canyon Waterfall) and witness the force of the nature of all the water pouring strong. It’s a breathtaking view mixed with the white of the mist and some fog, and the vibrant green of the forest surrounding it.

One of the top tourist attractions in Venezuela is Angel Falls. An astonishing place to visit, this is the highest waterfall in the world, a staggering nineteen times higher than Niagara Falls. The falls are located in a jungle, so it is a bit of a trek to get there.