Positioned resplendently on the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula, and famed for endless snowy beaches, licked languorously by turquoise waters, and hugged by breath-takingly magnificent, luxurious all-inclusive resorts; Cancun is undoubtedly one of Mexico’s most lavish, blissful and popular destinations.

Boasting year-round superb weather, you are absolutely promised warm seas, chilled drinks and plenty of glorious sunshine. Not only is this spot of paradise easy to reach- with bustling airport just 6 miles from most hotels- it is also home to an almost endless plethora of euphoric pursuits!

Enjoy the Beaches

Cancun boosts tropical beaches that stretch into the horizon for some shimmering fourteen miles; so rest assured there is a sandy spot of paradise for every taste, and all of them are exquisite. What better way to unwind on your vacation, than on a pristine beach with a cocktail in hand?

Cancun Beach Panorama View

Explore beautiful Isla Contoy

The most lavish beaches are located on serne Isla Contoy- a must see that is strikingly beautiful. The palm-tree ringed island is celebrated for translucent, lustrous warm waters; lapping beaches of finely ground shimmering coral; and we guarantee it’s beauty will stay with you forever.

Isla Contoy, Mexico, bird eye view

Hit the shops

How about some indulgent retail therapy? The downtown area is famed for bustling markets (check out market 28), where you can haggle your heart out for joyously peculiar souvenirs. If glitzy malls are more your thing, check out La Isla Mall, or the enormous Plaza Las Americas. If you simply can’t move from your lounger, no problem; beach vendors sell everything from sunglasses to silverware, and some great bargains can be attained atop that gorgeous white sand.

Cruise the lagoon in style

This is the number one way to enjoy such beautiful waters. Especially potent at sunset, we promise those views will melt your heart; as will the delicious, freshly cooked, locally sourced, dinner you’ll be served. So sit back, relax, and witness a crimson sky disappear into a shimmering lagoon- with cocktail in hand, naturally.


Indulge at a world-class spa

If vacation means relaxation, then Cancun is absolutely the place for you! Boasting over thirty dedicated resorts, euphoric bliss comes guaranteed. The only issue is how to indulge first; be it a heavenly beachside massage, divine seaweed wrap, native spiritual ceremony, or any number of lavish designer treatments- prepare to descend down the rabbit hole of pampering!

These activities and more await you on the luxurious Yucatan Peninsula: tropical bliss guaranteed!


Created by Melissa Elderfield