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Created by Margaret Tully.

What name do you think “Croatia would give to one of their beaches? “Paradise” of course.

We are travelling to the charismatic Rab Island, the City of Rab with its Venetian architecture and beautiful mountainous backdrop, Lopar a small village with a spectacular beach named Paradise Beach and much more…
Croatia has some of the most outstanding beaches in Europe and the Croatians are very ecologically conscious people, which is proven in their blue flag awarded strips of stunning coastline.

The most breathtaking of them all is Paradise Beach with its white sand and irresistible bluey green, clear waters. Shaped like a large “C” and framed with greenery of the majestic pine tree , it is optically pleasing. A port at one end ensures you can travel around the Island of Rab and the other islands within the vicinity. The boats cannot come too close to land , as the shallow waters make it impossible, this is ideal for family orientated swimming, as you have to be out quite far before the water gets to a mere one metre in depth. The water is gentle and warm, a paradise indeed. In the village of Lopar you will find many more beaches and little coves, well over twenty of them and all, are lovely. They tend to be little pebble beaches and rocky inlets but stunning all the same.

Rab Town is one of the most visited places in Croatia because I suspect it is one of the most beautiful. If you are looking at it from the sea, the view is of , the blue sea, a walled town and four church towers rising high above the ornate little buildings and in the background the grand mountains of Velebit, which look cool and inviting, as a total contrast to the hot Adriatic coastline of Croatia.



Within the town its rich history is in abundance, from stone detailed streets to Venetian styled architecture, the roofs are a rich terracotta red. There is a strong medieval link with the history of this place and in the Summer they hold many events to celebrate this. There are three levels of streets that all lead to the sea so despite the quaintness of this town you will not get lost as you meander around it, but maybe you will get lost in its history and you will certainly be using your camera.

There is a central street where the epicentre of this town sits, you will not mistake it as it is where artists congregate to exhibit their works. It is a very artistically influenced city, its Renaissance inspired ornamentation and it´s strong religious past makes it an ideal place for the artist in you to sketch the people, the buildings, sucking in the atmosphere of this wondrous place.
There are a few really good restaurants in Rab that you can enjoy fresh produce, cooked simply. For any meal of the day you will find somewhere to eat and enjoy a good view of the sea. Around the edges of the coast are great little baristas and cocktail bars for the evening. As night falls you can dance and enjoy good music all around the town and near to the coast.

Croatia content by weholi
If you fancy an even more beach party island, then you can hop on a ferry to Pag Island where the party never stops. It is a brilliant place for you or the teenager in you to really let your hair down and get fit, as you get drawn into the dance and the beat of the music.

It is, as if there is no more room for anything else, every square inch of land has been taken up by pretty buildings and walled towns but there is always the exceptional coastal beaches to bring you back to nature, you cut through the pine trees to find your paradise – relax, swim, play or sunbathe the beaches here are packaged well. The town is full of culture and history and the other islands are not far away if you fancy a change.

Croatia content by weholi

If you really want to do some serious island hopping then you must not miss out on flying to Split, where you can access the Split Islands. The most infamous is Hvar which is a very attractive island, again with Venetian architecture and beautiful sites to visit. It has little boutiques and quality restaurants, and baristas on the harbour edge. Inland it takes on a Provençal air, with lavender scented fields and stunning green scenery. Also try to visit Brac, an beautiful island that will make your dream with paradise. 

You can buzz around from island to island on water taxis, finding sweet places to stay for a few hours or relax on the beaches. You will not get bored in Croatia’s Adriatic Coast, you will be spoilt for choice.