When you think of visiting the City of Light: Paris, you think about the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, or Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, however, there is much more than that romantic and chic side of Paris.

If you’re planning a vacation for the family and have kids, you need an amazing and entertaining place where you can keep the children fascinated by everything they discover, and what a better place to do it than Disneyland!

You can also plan your trip to Disneyland even without kids, as it has many attractions and rides suited for adults who want to have some fun and let go of their inner child.

If you live in Europe, you don’t have to travel all the way to California or Florida, to enjoy the magic of Disney. At Disneyland Paris, take advantage of some rides, or meet some of the characters of the movies that children still enjoy such as Mickey Mouse and Princes and Princesses at the Princess Pavilion. Capture some unforgettable pictures, and take with you some great memories.

Disneyland Park

The land where fairytales come back to life, here you can ride some classic attractions like “It’s a small world”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Space Mountain” or “Big Thunder Mountain”; enjoy some shows and live parades, as you make your way into this amazing park.

Divided into five lands: Fantasyland, Adventureland, Discoveryland, Frontierland, and Main Street U.S.A., you can plan a whole day or two, to enjoy and visit all the attractions at this park.

Kids will definitely enjoy “Alice’s Curious Labyrinth”, roaming through the White Rabbit’s Hole, and finding some magical creatures. At the end of the night, and for a perfect farewell you can be fascinated by the unforgettable fireworks and light displays over the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Where To Eat:

There are several alternatives for you to select, from on the go, to a quiet and delicious meal, or a complete experience with some of the characters, here are just some options for you to choose:

● Auberge de Cendrillon – Traditional French Cuisine
● Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show with Mickey and Friends
● Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost – Pasta, Pizza & Lasagna
● Fuente del Oro Restaurante – Tex-Mex Cuisine
● Hunter’s Grill and Beaver Creek Tavern – Buffet, International Cuisine
● Restaurant Hakuna Matata – Mediterranean Cuisine
● Silver Spur Steakhouse – Grill Specialties

… If you want to know more about Disneyland Paris, continue reading the second part of this blog, which details the other park, and have some tips.

 Created by Alejandra Larade