This question gets asked a lot, and the answer is yes! Part of using weholi that’s so easy is that you can create a listing from your own computer and sell or rent your vacation property online. However, owners do not always realize what they can do with weholi marketplace and how we help them advertise. There are so many features and ways to attract vacationers to your listing. In this case, it’s easy to call our Vacation Concierge team and get answers or let us complete your listing!  Want to use telephone support to create your listing? Here’s some key points to know.

Let Our Staff Optimize Your Listing

Call our vacation concierge at 888-988-5714. Our Vacation Concierge team is available to speak with you Monday thru Friday, 8 AM to 6 PM Pacific Time. You can call to ask all kinds of questions and get immediate answers. Here are a few examples:

What does my weholi membership include?

All weholi memberships include phone support from Vacation Concierge. You can also rent and buy timeshares through weholi marketplace. Certain memberships also allow you to have access to reporting tools, free transactions and unlimited listings.

Is it free to list my timeshare on weholi?

If you are joining weholi for the first time and want to list your timeshare, it’s completely free for 90 days. It’s best to discuss your options with our Vacation Concierge team as you may want more advertising options or want to feature your property.

How does weholi’s timeshare marketplace work?

Timeshare owners use weholi’s marketplace just like Airbnb, only you can sell or rent your timeshare to vacationers and buyers worldwide, looking for your resort.

It’s easy! You join, set the price, list your timeshare and then talk to buyers or renters on weholi who are interested in your timeshare vacation. It’s the best way to list your timeshare rental online and gives you complete control over your timeshare.

weholi does global marketing through social media campaigns, direct mail programs and online promotions to attract a robust audience of renters to the marketplace.

Do I have to sell my timeshare? Can I rent it too?

You can sell and rent timeshare properties on weholi’s online marketplace at the same time.

What’s the best way to list my timeshare to get rented or sold?

There are a number of ways that you can optimize your listing, but that’s why you have a Vacation Concierge team here to help you! We can talk about the value of your timeshare and help you create a listing with the specific details that make it easy for vacationers to find and act on your listing.

Phone Support – It’s Free

Phone support from the Vacation Concierge team is completely free. Our agents are here for you to talk through any issue and help you with your listing. In fact, listing with our Vacation Concierge is even better if you are not sure how to list or what you should write in your listing. Our agents have helped thousands of timeshare owners get their timeshare online and visible to vacationers who want to buy or rent.

Complete Your Listing – Fast and Easy

If this is your first time using weholi,  your listing is free for the first 90 days. You can list any timeshare and set your price, and if you want to sell, our Vacation Concierge team can help you with that as well!

Want to make sure you get rid of your timeshare today? Call 888-988-5714 and let our Vacation Concierge team do the work for you. It’s easy to list your timeshare over the phone. If this is your first listing with weholi and you are a member, we will give you a 90 day membership for free!