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Not sure where you want to go on vacation? Not sure what type of vacation you would like to go on?


Egypt offers the traveller a massive amount of choice, not only for destinations within this wonderful historical land; that give you everything, from sunshine to scuba diving, but it offers you the ability to be able to see and do it all.

What can you do in Egypt?


If your idea of a vacation is lying on a beach all day soaking up hours of sunshine, then you will be delighted. Here in Egypt there are wonderful beach resorts, with fantastic facilities and it is a fabulous place to go for all year round sunshine.

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Sport Activities

You might be more interested in taking part in activities – you can go diving into the crystal blue waters, as there are fantastic dive sites and great sealife around the Red Sea coast, or you can get a ride on a camel or a quad bike and take off to the dessert, and embrace the atmosphere of this sand filled haven in the sun.

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In the beach resorts, the nightlife is absolutely brilliant, especially if you like loud music and lots of dancing. On the other hand, you can find some live cabaret styled shows, where you can be entertained in beautiful surroundings, and watch the sunsetting on another great day.

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What can you see in Egypt?


The Temples and Tombs 

It is no secret that lots of people travel to Egypt to see the ancient sites of the Pharoahs, the rulers of ancient Egypt. They are spread out into various locations within Egypt, but it is possible to see them all, as there are many tours that you can book, whilst residing in your resort in Egypt, making it a great way to spend a few days away from the beach or the pool.

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This is where a lot of the sailing cruises start from, going to Luxor. On the way you can start your temple tour right here, seeing the Abu Simbel Temples – which are a fantastic example of the craftsmanship of the ancient Egyptians, incorporating animals into their stonework.

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This is where you will find the famous Valley of the Kings, which is a vast area that houses many tombs, including the tomb of the pharoah king, Tutankhaman. Also within the area of Luxor you can visit the Temple of Karnak and the the surrounding sites.

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On the flat part of Giza, you will find the Giza Necropolis – this is by far the most seen place of interest in Egypt – it includes the Great Pyramids and The Sphinx – it is a great wonder of the world and you must see it when you are visiting this wonderous place.

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City Life – Cairo

Not far from Giza you will find the brilliant and exciting city of Cairo. For yet more mummy and pharoah information, and interesting relics, you will find the Egyptain Museum which is an absolutely fascinating place to visit, with a huge amount to see and interact with.

In this city you must visit the Cairo Tower, it is what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Getting to the top of the nearly 190m high tower is not the only attraction, and the amazing view across this vast city – it is quite simply being able to see this view from the revolving restaurant, with its panoramic views and elegant dining opportunity. There is also a wonderful art gallery within the tower, exhibiting the artistic talents of mainly local artists.

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If you enjoy a bit of bargaining, then this is where you will find the Khan el-Khalili, which is a fantastic, atmospheric market or souk, of a great size and selling a whole host of different types of wares. The vendors are friendly and love for you to barter for the best price.

Last but by no means least, the Al-Azhar Park is right here in this busy and architectural city, it is a haven within the hustle and bustle and this once rubbish dump, is now a quiet, well laid out garden, with architectural features, water and lots of simple planting, with many stone benches and pagodas to sit and rest. It has fantastic views of the city and the ancient parts, showing the great architecture, and sitting here gives you time to appreciate your location, before heading back to the sunny, fun-filled shores of your resort accommodation.

This is just a small amount of what this vast destination has on offer in terms of activities, and great places to visit. There are always new places to discover, and many unexplored historical wonders to find, journey to Egypt with weholi to start your adventure.

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