Grand Cayman

Need to relax in a caribbean paradise?

Consider Cayman Islands, formed by Grand Cayman, which is the largest of the 3 islands; Little Cayman, and Cayman Brac (native place for the unique Cayman Brac Parrot), where you can relax and admire the colors of the sunset, the sea, the marine life and fauna, of this exotic and beautiful place. Some jewels that you shouldn’t miss while visiting this paradise are:

Sunrise in Grand Cayman

Seven Mile Beach – Grand Cayman

This piece of heaven is located on the west side of the Grand Cayman Island, and is the best known beach on the Cayman Islands. This is a public beach and you can relax and walk the shores over some coral beach sand. Here you’ll find many restaurants and bars to indulge in some of the great delicacies from the island and some great shops where you can take advantage free of taxes, or just lay by the beach.

Cayman Islands

Stingray City – Grand Cayman

Take this unique opportunity to experience petting the stingrays and swim around them, they’re so used to people that they’re friendly and ready to get closer than you think. Here you can also swim and feed the Southern Stingrays. The friendly staff can show you how to hand feed, pet and hold this soft creatures.


Stingray Stealth Bombers

Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park – Grand Cayman

This great piece of horticulture can be found in the north side of the Grand Cayman Island, and is perfectly displayed, researched and combined that is now considered a piece of Cayman Heritage and one of the few places on earth to admire the endangered blue iguanas that roam freely around the area.

At the Heritage Garden you’ll find a pink traditional-style cottage depicting the life in the Cayman Islands in the early 1900’s, integrated by traditional crops, medicinal herbs, fruit, trees, and a separate cook room.

Cayman Islands nature

Diving Joys

Enjoy this beautiful paradise with the advantages of the Cayman laws protecting the marine life, the only way they found to protect and reverse the damage of the climate change and other factors, and make sure the roofs are kept untouched and unaltered. Some great areas for majestic views of the underwater world are:

Bloody Bay Wall – Little Cayman

Diving into Bloody Bay Wall is a fantastic journey, as it gives clear visibility of the marine world underneath, ready for you to discover the divine colors of the species and the abundant kind of marine animals and plants that you can find. What makes special this experience is that it has a depth of more than 22,000 feet and contains caverns, crevices, and caves where plenty of marine life it’s ready for you to discover.

Kittiwake – Grand Cayman

You don’t have to be an experienced diver to enjoy this site, as you can snorkel and look under to all what’s underneath; however diving is the best way to be able to explore the complete Navy Submarine Rescue Vessel, buried recently in 2011 at sea as an artificial reef, and now covered in lots of marine life. You can search room by room and all the five decks, exploring the engine rooms, the bridge, and the entire vessel.

Batfish And Other Fish Swim Around The Structure Of An Underwate

Created by Alejandra Larade