Early Evening in Mulit
Created by Alejandra Larade.

 Are you looking for an exiting and on the go African adventure?


This experience of Ethiopia will let you asking for more, as it has a very diverse ecosystems where you can go from heat, to dry, to forest and wet areas, all in the same country and admire unique views and animals, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Here are some of the great areas you can visit in the northern side of Ethiopia.


Danakil Depression

Admire some geological formations in the border with Eritrea and Djibouti in one of the hottest places on earth, where the marvels of this place are the formations of a river of salt that results from the Awash River when it dries up.  This is the site where Ethiopians get some salt and transport it back in camels for local consumption and to sell it outside Ethiopia; this is the ancient way where they collect slabs of salt from the surface of the vast desert basin, and to date you still can see the caravans who travel sometimes as long as two days.


Ethiopia-Volcano Dallol

Obelisks and Ancient Tombs of Aksum

Moving west from Danakil depression, you’ll find another UNESCO World Heritage site, considered as such for its impressive markers cut from local granite, made on the 4th century and with so much historic value. Here is the only place on earth where you can find so close an obelisk from another. The standing obelisks rise from 15 to 24 meters and the longest is still displayed, however in pieces. These markers were meant to signal the tombs of those buried underneath, from important kings, to noble members; as some think, however it hasn’t been confirmed who was actually buried there.



Simien Mountains National Park

Just North of the Amhara region you’ll find this majestic site that stretches for miles and display several erosion platforms, where you can admire fantastic scenic views and unique animals, including some endangered species that you can’t find anywhere else, such as gelada baboon, caracal, Ethiopian wolfs, bushbuck, walia ibex and several species of birds including the bearded vulture. These mountains are great for trekking. At the Simien Mountains you can still witness first hand the way of living of the tribes that inhabit the park, as you can interact with them, a very special experience.

Ethiopia Simien Mountains

Blue Nile Falls

Just 15 munites drive from the town of Bahir Dar you’ll find the Blue Nile Falls, which has a fall of about 40 meters and it consist of four streams that can go from a trickle and up to 400 meters wide during the rain season. A site you must not miss is the “Alata” stone bridge, built in the 1600’s and still in use, which was the first stone bridge in Ethiopia.


Waterfalls in Ethiopia


11 Rock Churches in Lalibela

This town has made it’s mark in the world with it’s eleven ancient rock carved churches, recognized by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it’s really a fantastic site to explore, each of them are made by individual rocks and date back to 12th and 13th century. Some of these fine churches are: Biete Medhane Alem, considered as the largest monolithic church in the world and truly remarkable, also linked by under tunnels and walkways to Beta Maryam.  Biete Giyorgis is the best preserved and with the most detail of all, a spectacular site to admire.