Created by Lynn May Gosselin

Wishing you summer would never end?

If it’s cooling off in your neck of the woods, why not book one last summer excursion to the Dominican Republic. This beautiful island in the Caribbean has so much to see and do. Currently the Dominican is the most popular destination in all of the Caribbean, so it’s a must for any adventurer and those wishing to check another great island off their bucket list. Culture is rich with a combination of European, African, Spanish and Taino influences seen in art, food and music all over the island. Plus, the beaches are amazing with tons of water sport or relaxing options to choose from.

Home of the Merengue

Get out your dancing shoes. The Dominican Republic is where the lively, fast-paced rhythmic dance, the Merengue was born. The style is fast tempo and based on the lively beats of the drums, bass, accordion and other Spanish beats. Salsa is also incredibly popular to be prepared to dance the night away while on vacation. Another style that has taken off in recent years, also hailing from the Dominican is the Bachata. And any local will tell you that in the Dominican, they dance the real Bachata. Be to find a great dance spot close to where you are staying to take in the energy of dance.

Ancient History

Did you know that located on the island is the oldest city in the New World? Santo Domingo is a beautiful, historic city filled with cobblestone streets, restored historical buildings and more. Strolling the streets is a must while on vacation in the Dominican. Plan a short visit to the Park of Three Eyes of Water, a hidden treasure in the city, for a look at the beauty and wonder of naturally formed caves. And find your way to Catedral Primada de America to view one of the earliest and most impressive pieces of architecture in the Americas.

Best beach

For some sun time, plan a stop at Playa Rincon. This magnificent beach is consistently rated one of the top beaches in the Caribbean. It’s a large beach, so there is plenty of room for everyone to stake their little piece of paradise for the day. In the waters, you will discover a plethora of incredible fish and sea life. Both sides of the beach, the ocean side and bay side are worth exploring and an interesting spot is a lagoon where fresh and seawater meets. There are numerous restaurants serving great, fresh food including lobster straight from the sea and pineapples filled with delectable rum.

Boat on turquoise Caribbean sea Playa Rincon Dominican Republic

Off the beaten track

A little out of way from the beaches and hot spots, Las Galeras is a quaint fishing village with some of the prettiest scenery on the whole island. The area is not teaming with tourists and is therefore, less developed which lends the charm of the village. Palms blow in the wind on the quiet beach as the waves crash and you can sit in peace to take in the magic of the Caribbean. A sunset drink or dinner at El Cabito is a must. It’s one of the only restaurants perched right on the edge of the ocean. And in whale season, it’s prime viewing for the majestic whales as they migrate.