Created by Margaret Tully

Do you want to go on a food lovers vacation and have your cake and eat it?

One of the first things you notice when on a vacation in Thailand is the wonderful smells. The exotic fragrances from the food, the spices, the plants and the flowers. It is often one of the reasons that people choose this wonderful destination to come back to, year after year. It is very possible to visit the sites where you can see the growing of the fragrant lemon grass, en mass. It is a very organised planting set up, rows and rows of lemon grass plants. It is a very popular addition to Thai cuisine and you will see the tall stems of the plant a lot on your travels in Thailand. If you like to really get your hands dirty you can journey to a mangrove and help in the planting within the saline waters, that the so named trees get their name from. It is a journey into one of the most unimaginable places on earth. Where this strange habitat is home to many species and supports a network of trees and people.

The most prolific place to find food in Thailand is in the evenings, on the streets. The food is home-made and attracts many noted foodies from all over the world who congregate in these places for special recipes to add to their menus. You can stand for hours almost hypnotised by the myriad of colours and smells being tossed and turned in woks and pans, right before your very eyes.

Then a little paper cup with the most delicious food is thrust into your hand for little more than a few coins. A wonderful experience. You can always purchase fruit in Thailand, being positioned perfectly for growing their own fruit, so it is always a big feature whilst eating Thai food, even as decoration. You can take part in cookery classes whilst staying in your accommodation, including fruit sculpting. You will be spoilt with dishes such as mangoes with sticky rice and coconut cream or even try this yourself back at your vacation space.  The coconut trees line the beaches and also are grown for harvest and have become somewhat of an iconic symbol in Thailand, along with the beautiful orchid flowers, which the gorgeous scented vanilla pod derives from. They eat the coconuts fresh from the tree, still green and simply slice off the top and scoop out the white flesh and drink the milk – it is an excellent energy booster.

It is always lovely to experience the food of other cultures and to experiment with their ingredients but we all like to be catered for as well. n Koh Samui you can go aboard a fantastic sailing yacht, elegantly decorated in a Thai style and sporting the name the “Red Baron”. They sail to Koh Som, a little island nearby and your dining experience happens aboard the boat. Endless Thai dishes are displayed in a buffet setting and you can enjoy the flavours and the night-time scenery of Koh Samui, as the mountainous peaks take on a different air in the night time lighting.

Lying off Thailand’s east coast in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Samui offers everything you could possibly want in a beach retreat. It has white sandy beaches, coconut palms, fresh seafood and warm, clear waters. Koh Samui is the largest island in an archipelago of around 80 islands.  Koh Samui attracts many visitors mainly for its beaches and excellent waters. The seafood is of exceptional quality and the way they prepare the fish is a treat in itself. Make sure you visit restaurants that have their kitchen open to view as the preparation is mouth watering.  Enjoy your Thai food experience whilst you holiday in Thailand and be sure to bring some ideas home with you.