Fermin Cruz, the weholi Vice President of Sales and Marketing, recently attended the 2015 Canadian Resort Conference hosted by the Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA) in Vancouver from the 9th to the 10th of September. CRDA is dedicated to furthering the Vacation Ownership industry in Canada and throughout the world. With such a great association hosting the conference, the goal of the event was simple for weholi, firstly to propel the vacation ownership industry into the spotlight for a new generation of consumers while also building meaningful connections in the timeshare and travel industry to aid in accomplishing that goal.

Here Fermin (center) is pictured with Marlene Coleman nee Scott (right), who works as the Executive Director & General Manager of the Whistler Vacation Club. With the help of individuals like Marlene, weholi will continue to expand our offerings for travelers and vacation owners alike.

Whistler Canada Networking

One of the key talking points of this event was centered on the modern sharing economy and how it relates to the timeshare industry. The need to bring timeshares back to the stage for a new generation of consumers will require some changes however. While timeshares were certainly founded on ideals similar to more recently developed services like Uber the structure has become somewhat dated comparatively. Collin Zwickel, is one speaker who addressed the importance of this shift in thinking. As an investment advisor for RBC Dominion Securities and a member of the millennial generation he was uniquely qualified to weigh in on this topic. As he pointed out, a crucial aspect of the issue facing the timeshare industry in its current state is that younger generations simply wouldn’t sign a lifetime subscription for anything.

Millennial Generation Timeshare

Renting directly to a traveler means that the current owners of timeshare properties need not be worried about the marketing costs facing resorts. The weholi message was heard loud and clear: timeshare owners need to be empowered to monetize their own inventory and introducing a peer to peer model in the style of companies such as AirBnB or Uber ultimately benefits the timeshare owner as well as the traveling consumer.

Fermin also connected with weholi’s Arizona neighbors at Trade Up Travel. Based in Gilbert AZ, Trade Up Travel gives timeshare owners the opportunity to trade-in sell their property.

Networking Timeshare Conference

A significant percentage of the timeshare owners that frequent the weholi website are from Canada. As such, weholi is involved in the consumer advocacy and legislative activity surrounding the timeshare product, industry and how it impacts consumers.

Timeshare_Share Economy Conference

At the conference weholi team member Fermin Cruz joined the board of directors for this group of industry professionals, with the goal of working to improve the value proposition and enhance the resort experience for consumers globally.

From the event weholi was able to add new inventory to our ever growing list of beautiful destinations.