Caribbean Wild Beach

Created by Margaret Tully.

Perhaps it is getting cooler where you reside and you would like a sunshine vacation?


Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic is a fantastic destination for this time of year. It offers the traveller a great location for soaking up the sun, and enjoying its natural adventures, alongside the man-made pleasures we all look for from our vacations.

Can you imagine twenty seven waterfalls, all in one location, where you can be safe to travel through the area, and dive and slide into the amazing pools of water, fed by the flow of the waterfalls? You can do these things right here in Puerto Plata. The organisers will make sure your safety is paramount, providing you with a helmet and a life jacket. It is a great chance to find your flow and let go of some of the tensions of life, push yourself into being the adventurer you know you are.


El Salto De Limon Waterfall, Dominican Republic


The area is also outstanding as a place where nature and animals reside, this is your chance to see this exotic type of flora and fauna up close. It is a well patronised place in nature, for all age groups and there is a wonderful place to eat within the site, all your needs are taken care of.

Without doubt the Dominic Republic has fantastic beaches and the Cofresi Beach in Puerto Plata is simply gorgeous. A long stretch of golden, almost white sand, frames the beautiful Caribbean sea, offering you an excellent beach location. It is here that you will also find Ocean World, which is an adventure park with a marina and a casino. A luxury playground for you to get your teeth into.


catamaran sailing in the caribbean sea, dominican republic


The famous Lighthouse lounge and disco is within this attraction, and is a superb venue for a great night out, dancing to new beats, featuring some of the best DJs in the world. You can also see some of the most spectacular live cabaret shows. The Casino is a popular attraction, it gives you the chance to put on your best clothes and imagine yourself in an Ocean´s Eleven movie, it is a stunning venue with quality amenities.

The sea-life park is full of wonderful animals that you are encouraged to interact with, from swimming with dolphins and whales to kissing sea lions. It is a wonderful place to visit with many activities to suit all types of people. There is a wonderful restaurant here too, so no need to leave this excellent attraction when you want to dine.



Within and through the town centre of Puerto Plata you will see many wonderful pieces of architecture, from the Fortaleza San Felipe, a wonderful fortress and the white towers of the San Felipe Church. A little further from the church you will find the Amber Museum, it is within this place that you will see the precious amber, some amazing fossilized insects, encased within the ancient resin, turned into amazing jewellery. It would make for a wonderful gift to take home with you.

So, pack your swimsuit, sun-cream and sunglasses your off to the Caribbean for an adventure…

the beach of the Dominican Republic