Created by Lynn May Gosselin.

Looking for a unique African experience off the beaten track?

Why not explore the rich, cultural heritage that awaits you in the northern region of South Africa, Limpopo. Named after the Limpopo River that flows through the province, this interesting area will peak the interest of those wishing for adventures that are not in the main stream. The stunning animals of Africa will blow your mind when you visit with them up close on a game drive. Sundowners out in the rural surrounds are a must and if you’re lucky, some giraffes will wander by. You’ll need to hop a connector flight from one of the major airports in South Africa to Polokwane Airport to start your adventure in Limpopo. Or you could drive, if exploring beautiful South Africa on a road trip is your thing. The beauty of this place is yours to discover.


Wildlife In Africa


Animal Kingdom

A safari when in Africa is an absolute must. Even if you are not an animal lover, this experience will truly blow your mind. The opportunity to see elephants and giraffes in their natural environment is such a peaceful, life changing experience. Roaming around the plains in an open-air jeep, you are sure to se
e the magic of this place. Zebras and wildebeests roam, hyenas run laughing by and if you are very lucky a pack of lions will cross your path. Be sure to book a number of game drives at different times of the day because animal sightings vary depending on whether it’s morning, noon or night.



Extreme Golf

Looking for the most amazing golf experience you’ve ever had in your life. Well, Limpopo’s got it and it’s at Legends Golf and Safari Resort. For any avid golfer, The Extreme 19 should be on your bucket list. When in your life will you fly in a helicopter to access a hole. Well, here you can. Fly up to the 19th hole by helicopter, 400m high on Hanglip Mountain and hit your ball down to the green below, shaped life the African continent. This is perhaps the most impressive and creative golf experience in the world yielding a truly thrilling experience.


Drinks in a tree

One of the most well known places to stop and see in Limpopo is at Sunland Farms, a mango farm in the area. Here you will come across the most massive baobab tree you’ve ever seen. The magnificent baobab tree is a symbol of Africa as you will find them all over the continent. This particular tree is a wonder to behold. Estimated to be about 1060 years old, the trunk has been hollowed out and now houses a bar and wine cellar. This is absolute rustic, chic at its best. The trunk is cavernous and dark, perfect for sipping some delicious South African wine.


Breathtaking waters

There is so much nature to explore when on vacation in Africa and while much of the continent is dry and barren, South Africa has many, rich, lush qualities. Plan a visit to Debengeni Waterfall while in Limpopo. This fantastic spot is the perfect place to have a little picnic amongst nature. There are a number of picnic tables nestled under large trees for shade. So pack a basket with goodies and stop for a while. The falls are massive and picturesque and the surrounds beautiful to explore.