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Australia Day is celebrated on the 26th of January and marks the first time British ships landed at Port Jackson, New South Wales in 1788. Not only is Australia Day meant to honor the diverse past of the country, it also welcomes a culturally rich future.

Formerly known as Foundation Day or Anniversary Day, Australia Day is celebrated across the continent with community and family events for all ages. Beach parties, parades, concerts, and festivals run throughout the day and up into the night.

On Australia Day Eve, an Australian of the Year award is given to a citizen who showed outstanding excellence in their field, greatly contributed to their community, and is an inspirational role model. The award has reached international acclaim, with many winners finding global success after they win.

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An exciting aspect of Australia Day is the welcoming of newly immigrated peoples into the Australian community. Citizenship celebrations are common and focus on the culturally diverse future ahead. Australia Day is definitely the most popular day for immigrants to officially become Australians- in fact, tens of thousands choose January 26th each year!

Have you ever thought about visiting Australia during this special holiday? If so, look no further than these fool-proof Australia Day vacation ideas.

Many cities have tremendous festivals on January 26th. For example, the Sydney Olympic Park will be brimming with family friendly activities like magic shows, dance troops, live music, and drum performances. Food stalls and gourmet delights are aplenty, too. Thousands of people also gather along the shores of the Sydney Harbor to celebrate with the beautiful views of the Opera House.

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To get a truly local experience while visiting Sydney during Australia Day, a great choice is to book a rental flat or house near Sydney Harbor. The ease of commuting to-and-fro events will be a lifesaver during your holiday!

In Brisbane, take a tour of The Parklands at South Bank to hear live music, experience interactive art installations, and swim in the man-made beach. But don’t get sun-tired too soon, or else you’ll miss the spectacular evening fireworks! Some rental flats even have rooftop terraces that will give you the added benefit of crowd-free fireworks viewing.

All in all, Australia Day is an extraordinary time to visit the giant island nation. With so much diverse history under it’s belt, Australia does a wonderful job at honoring it’s past.

And just as the Australian’s go crazy over this special day of the year, you surely will too.

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