Created by Margaret Tully.

Are you wanting to visit a fantastic place while you holiday in Malta?

Gozo is a sister island of the wonderful Malta, a fantastic place to have a vacation. We introduce to you this very accessible island, just a ferry journey away from Malta. It takes you less than half an hour to arrive in Gozo and it is a very natural island, where you can go hiking and diving. Also a little lesser known is the wonderful food that Gozo offers the visitor and the lovely vineyards that produce local wines.




The Ta Mena Estate is a great place to tour, it is a family run affair and here you will find many natural foods that have been transformed into lovely oils, relishes, wines and sauces. You can be guided through the many fruit orchards, olive groves and of course the vineyards, given details about the cultivation and the transformation of the fruits into products to enjoy. As always at the end of such tours you can sample the wines and the food, a fantastic day out. Another great source of wine is the Tal-Massar Winery, another fantastic opportunity to enjoy the wine culture of Gozo and taste the purity of these home-grown grapes.


It is not just the gastronomic delights that these places have to offer, it is the scenery in which they are placed. Gozo is a natural, unspoilt landscape of hills and rugged cliff tops, views to the Mediterranean sea and the wonderful ancient buildings, the Ggantija Temples, the Citadel which is steeped in ancient war history. The quaint little villages are unique, they are like living museums of a time gone by. You can enjoy tasty cuisines and drinks with the locals – they are so friendly to visitors that you feel at home.


Mgarr, the port of Gozo, from where this day trip starts and ends, is a lovely and again a little old fashioned – which gives it its charm. It conjures up images of the old days of the Hollywood stars, Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr acting in their elegant locations. It seems the modern day stars love its charm too, it was only a few months ago that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, had a vacation here in Gozo, loving it so much they stayed longer.


Here at Mgarr you can find a few really good restaurants, so there is no need to return home to Malta hungry. The Country Terrace restaurant gives you the connection between the rural part of Gozo and the other islands around it, namely Malta, Kemmuna and Kemmunett. It started life as a little cottage, that was once surrounded by nature. Now positioned on the harbour front, with views that you will just love, food that is so perfectly prepared, using the wonderful local ingredients on hand and above all the friendliness and natural charm, that makes it almost impossible to leave.


The Tmun Mgarr Restaurant is all about elegance and clean lines, the décor a nautical theme and the food outstandingly beautiful, it is a fresh and clean place to dine and has received a number of awards. Alas you must leave Gozo but don´t be sad, it is a place to return to one day, maybe even again on this vacation, but it is equally difficult to tear yourself away from your base in Malta which, without doubt has also a plethora of activities to do and places to see.