Created by Lynn May Gosselin.

It’s hard to stay healthy on a regular basis when you are in full control over the food that is at your disposal so when you are at the mercy of the airport and airline gods, healthy eating can be incredibly difficult.


It is not impossible to stick to a fresh and wholesome diet while jet setting across the globe. Even in an airport, there are healthy choices if you look hard enough and avoid the junk food pit falls. Maintaining good nutrition and sufficient hydration while you are flying is key to combating jet lag, avoiding illness and being as fresh as a daisy when you arrive at your destination. Try following some of these tricks the next time you are flying.


One of the keys to your travel success is going to be hydration. I cannot say enough about having a sufficient supply of water for the plane and while transferring. A good douse of h2o will get you through any long journey. While flight staffs have gotten better over the years at delivering water to passengers on a very regular basis, they only offer a tiny little plastic cup. Be sure to bring your own water bottle, at least 1L in size to be filled up. This way, you can ensure you have enough hydration tucked into the seat pocket in front of you and not be left parched waiting for the next round to come down the aisle. Make sure you travel with an empty bottle through security to avoid confiscation and perhaps grab a large bottle of cold water from the closet newsagent before boarding. This way you are sure to have enough of the good stuff.

Fruit, fruit and more fruit

It’s hard to avoid the sweet goodness of pastries and salty fries while trying to dine at the airport. These foods will only make you lethargic and not provide enough clean energy for flight. In most airports, you can easily find fresh fruit at restaurants, coffee shops and such. Grab a few pieces to snack on during your flight. The natural sugars and fresh nutrients are what you need to sustain yourself. Further, either back your own all-natural, low sugar granola bars or look for some at the newsagent in the airport. Stocking your bag with these, as well as whole, roasted, lightly salted nuts are great choices for on board.


If your journey departs early in the morning, chances are you will be racing to get out the door and need to grab a little nourishment at the airport before take off. Coffee shops pastry cases are filled with sweet treats that are literal sugar bombs. Most muffins, donuts, croissants and more are loaded with more calories than you need in two meals combined. Therefore, look for things like hard-boiled eggs, small containers of low fat or Greek plain yogurt, more fresh fruit or oatmeal. All will deliver the punch needed to fill the gapping hole in your stomach but not fill it with empty calories.



Choosing a meal

When sitting down for a pre-flight meal, look for options like sushi rolls, Vietnamese salad rolls, a fresh salad with a lean protein and a plate of crudités with vegetable soup. These nutritious filling choices are chocked with all the healthy goodness you need to get you through your journey. Look to avoid anything fried or heavy. These foods only add salt to your body, making it dehydrated and bloated. Both things you need to avoid when traveling.

A cold one

For many, a beer at the airport lounge is a ritual. There is something very appealing about sitting at an airport bar pre-flight. It is best to avoid alcohol while flying for the same reason it’s best to avoid salty foods however; if you can’t let go of your white wine ritual then plan to pace yourself and drink at least two glasses of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume. Alcohol has a stronger effect 35,000 feet in the air, so take care of yourself by hydrating while you enjoy a beverage. Doing this should help avoid painful headaches and still allow you to sleep if you desire.