You have three seconds. After that, the prospective guest who was thinking about renting or buying from you for their upcoming vacation is either moving on or about to make contact.

In those three seconds it all comes down to three key details: 1) The Catchy Headline 2) The Description and 3) The Photos. These are the main factors that help you compete to get the most eyeballs to your listing. Want some tips on how to stand out? We’ve got you covered.

How to Write The Catchy Headline

Your headline is the most important piece of the puzzle. Use this space to highlight the key details of your property and don’t forget to include what makes it special.

What kind of destination are you selling or renting out? Is it an apartment or more of a villa? Is the beach just a few feet away?

Here’s our simple formula for making your headline stick:

(Size/Type of Property) at (Resort) with (Great Feature).

Pretty straightforward right?

Here’s an example:

Two Bedroom Villa at Marriott’s Phuket Beach Club Just Steps From the beach!

How to Write The Description

Differentiate yourself from the competition attract a buyer or a guest by helping them to visualize the experience of being inside of your property. Phrases like: High Ceilings, Beach View, Perfect for Families etc. are great!

If your resort is best suited for couples on a romantic getaway or a group of friends on vacation be sure that you are appealing to the right group. Highlight what makes your property unique and you’ll be sure to stand out!

The Photos

We decided to save the best for last! The photos you chose will be the most memorable feature of your listing for renters and buyers. Adding the right ones to your posting makes all the difference. Give your potential guest a more accurate idea of what to expect and distinguish your property from other similar postings.

Your lead (main) image will often determine weather your prospective guest clicks through or not. Consider your property’s selling points and keep your target audience in mind.

But don’t stop with just one image! We recommend filling up your gallery with at least 6 high-quality eye-catching shots to grab the attention of your new guests. Be it your brand new kitchen, swimming pool, outdoor living space or beach access. Let your guests see where they will be relaxing and spending unforgettable moments. Include a picture of the kitchen, master bedroom, kids rooms and the living room as well as the backyard if there is one. The more areas of your property you feature, the more accurate idea of what to expect a potential guest will have.

how to get the most out of your timeshare listing on weholi

Do not forget to keep your photos up to date. If the season changes, so could your photo gallery.

NOTE: 500 pixels is the minimum picture resolution. Photos that don’t have sufficient resolution will look all blurry. Horizontal photos display the best and are recommended.