Vacation marketplaces have become more successful today by being able to disrupt the trends of hospitality businesses, including timeshare resorts. Some of these timeshare resorts have been around since before the 1970s. As consumer behavior shifts, the vacation ownership industry is also becoming easier to get into for those who want to own their vacation, rather than rent. Historically, the hospitality industry has been through several disruptive changes over the years due to online bookings and reviews.

Now the sharing economy is disrupting the timeshare resort industry.

These vacation marketplaces are a part of a “sharing economy” that has taken over thanks to the millennial generation. This is a system where owners can rent out or sell something that they are not using. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are a part of this sharing economy and have been fully embraced by those who want a more personal and cost-effective experience.

However, people still use regular taxi companies and book hotels online through online travel agencies like Orbitz. Is the sharing economy going to be successful in the long-term? The timeshare industry is changing thanks to resort vacation rental marketplaces like weholi, and here’s why:

  • Innovation brings new entry points for potential owners into the industry.
  • weholi and other marketplaces like it, are addressing a human need that isn’t being met.
  • Timeshare resorts may even embrace innovation that is now considered disruptive.

The vacation experience actually used to be much more personal. It was not until World War II that luxury hotels started to become popular. Before that time, boarding houses were largely used for travel. In the 1950s, Interstate highway systems were built, allowing families to travel more, which led to the opening of more mainstream hotels. Holiday Inn was one of the earliest to open in 1953. It appealed to a traveler that wanted a predictable, ubiquitous experience.

If you can imagine it, hotels like Holiday Inn were the first disrupt the old way of travel.

Then came timeshare resorts, which appealed to travelers who wanted to visit exclusive destination resorts with their families each year and lock in a certain rate.

Today’s modern travelers are a mix. Some want personalized travel through sharing economy marketplaces and others want to book a brand hotel room online where customer service and quality is expected. What if you could do both?

Enter the resort vacation rental marketplace.

Timeshare owners have personalized vacations. Resort vacations available for rent or sale on weholi’s marketplace are typically exclusive suites and large, spacious condos that are not available to the public. As a vacationer, you spend less money on accommodations and get a better resort experience. Vacationers work with timeshare owners just like they would with hosts from Airbnb to get the best price for their accommodations.

This new concept came out of the idea that timeshare owners or vacation owners were not able to readily sell or rent their vacation weeks to the public. This predicament occurred even when there were plenty of vacationers out there looking for vacation rentals. This meant that thousands of timeshare owners simply did not use their timeshares because they were not able to connect to this vacationer audience.

With the new sharing economy, timeshare owners now have a way to rent and sell their timeshares directly to these vacationers, and it’s disrupting the timeshare resale industry considerably. This is a good thing as many resale scams have been reported from timeshare resale companies taking huge upfront fees, then never selling the timeshare for the owner.

So are timeshare owners able to get money back through vacation rental marketplaces?

Yes! Vacationers actively search on the weholi marketplace for exclusive timeshare weeks every day. They look for timeshares in Hawaii, Florida, California, Mexico and beyond trying to find a great deal on a 7-day vacation, and they are finding amazing vacation condos and villas that generally cost lower than $65 per night.

If you are thinking of booking a vacation, try searching resort vacation rentals first and compare to what you would pay for the same, high-quality resort accommodations through another booking site. Remember, travelers can always negotiate with timeshare owners on weholi to lower the rate of the vacation week. That’s the beauty of vacation rental marketplaces!