Created by Margaret Tully.

Do you want a holiday with a quality that is out of this world? Simply, Dubai is the place to go.

New Dubai, is an ever changing destination, featuring some of the worlds most innovative architecture. It is high end luxury and fantasy so if you are looking for an original, man made paradise destination, then there is no other place on planet earth that can come close.

You are first struck by the height and shapes of the buildings, twisted sky scrapers and mirrored glass frontages. It is very difficult to grasp that you are not in the middle of some elaborate futuristic movie. One of the first “interesting” buildings to be built was the Burj Al Arab, which is the well photographed sail shaped construction that is at a height of over three hundred metres, which was considered the highest that you could ever build  – but Dubai does not understand limits, they are imaginative creators and have exceeded this height already.

Dubai is the most fantastic place to go if you enjoy shopping. There are numerous malls that are teaming with quality goods. People are transformed into this life of affluence and demand for quality. The malls themselves have excellent facilities, including large fairgrounds and amusement arcades for those non-shoppers in your party. The Global Village is one of the most well known for its entertainment. It´s large stone archway leads you into a timeless fairground of Ferris wheels, clowns and rides.

In Dubai they take their shopping seriously and even have a shopping festival.

The Mall of the Emirates, which I would think is the biggest mall in New Dubai, to date, houses an indoor ski centre. Ski Dubai is  not simply a warehouse with some artificial snow, it is 22,500 square foot in size. There are chairlifts and pine trees, your imagination is constantly being executed in Dubai, it is just wonderful.

Culturally Dubai has a very rich art following and the galleries are restful and well designed spaces to view art of both well known and upcoming artists. The theatre is a growing trend and already in Madinat Jumeirah there is a well represented venue for live, stage performance art. Here you will also find the Madinat Jumeirah Arena for those larger audience acts. There is a film festival held in Dubai and brings many famous faces from show business to these climes.  You can simply relax on a beach in Dubai and leave the shopping behind you for the day, it is a location where the heat of the day just lasts and lasts. It is not unreasonable to find people sunbathing at near on ten in the evening. The Jumeirah Beach Park is a great family beach that you pay to use but it has lifeguards and many great places to eat and all the necessary beach facilities.  The Palm Jumeirah, which is a structure built out onto the sea,  shaped like a palm. It  is a famous icon of New Dubai, it is best appreciated from the sky and in Dubai that is not a problem.

From the beaches you can hire a helicopter to take you over the whole of the area to just see the mass of interesting buildings and creations. It also helps you get your bearings as you can often feel swamped with just the sheer size of the buildings around you, and you can see where the heartbeat of Dubai lies. The creek, the snake shaped water meanders through the old and the new Dubai and always the growth stems from this waterway.  The fact that Dubai is a modern looking destination is not just skin deep. The accommodation is of exceptional quality, is very functional and has lots of facilities in and around it.   Dubai is hungry for more, which makes it an ever growing holiday destination. Time and time again you could return and there would be something much more out of this world to see and to enjoy.