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Are you needing to organise a vacation to an exotic, eastern location, and wondering where to choose?

Koh Phi Phi Don, or Phi Phi is a fantastic island location in wonderful Thailand, where parties, great food and outstanding beach locations are everywhere to be enjoyed.  It is the largest of a group of islands, the other main ones being; Phi Phi Lee and Ko Mai Phai. It is where most visitors go and is the most inhabited.

Koh Phi Phi content by weholi

Ton Sai Village

In this busy, very compact village, you will find wonderful little independent shops, selling all sorts of wares; including clothes and jewellery, printed apparel and there are a large amount of exceptional restaurants.

For fresh food, then look no further than the market, selling local produce; the smells of the different types of fruits and the raw ingredients to make wonderful Thai cuisine, is intoxicating and the atmosphere is bustling yet pleasurable.

Koh Phi Phi content by weholi

Loh Dalum Beach

You can walk from Ton Sai to find this wonderful beach location. Day or night there will be lots to do, besides enjoy the white sands and at this time of the year (November-April), the calm and inviting waters. This is the place for beach parties in the evening, where fire dancers arrive to entertain you and sometimes have audience participation – you will hear the sound of the drums from miles away. The days here are more relaxed, in fact very relaxed, there is no where to rush off to and the views from this beach location out to the rocky outcrops, that are other islands is simply wonderful.

Koh Phi Phi content by weholi

Walking to the top of Phi Phi 

There is a sign at Loh Dalum Bay, “Viewpoint”, if you follow the path that is well trodden, you will, after thirty minutes or so arrive at the top of this wonderful island. The views out to the island of Phi Phi Leh and the Ton Sai Village, along Loh Dalum beach is enough to take your breath away.

The rocks, covered in greenery jutting out of the sea and the white sand sparkling in the sunshine and the clear waters shimmering back at you. It is a view in a million and not a taxing walk at all. From this point you can walk even further if you desire and you will arrive in other beach locations along the coast.

 Koh Phi Phi content by weholi

Long Beach 

This is wonderful, long stretch of white sand, soft to the touch. This is a much quieter beach location in terms of a party atmosphere but it is within walking distance to Ton Sai so you will not feel isolated if staying near here. There are great swimming, and snorkelling opportunities in the calm waters, at this time of the year (November-April). You can even go kayaking from here or have a relaxing Thai massage on the beach.

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You will not struggle to find exceptional restaurants to enjoy Thai cuisine, there are lots of them in every resort and corner of Phi Phi, where you can indulge in this most popular of food choice.  There are various types of soups, warm salads, curries on the menus, served with fragrant rices and spices of ginger, along with cooling coconut and the fresh and zingy taste and scent of lemon-grass.  If you really do not want to enjoy these fantastic flavours, then there are many restaurants that offer International cuisine.

Koh Phi Phi content by weholi

Phi Phi Leh 

Phi Phi Leh is an island where no one resides, to the south of Phi Phi Don. You can visit it by boat and go diving or snorkelling or relax on one of the beaches. It is home to the wonderful Maya Bay.


  • Maya Bay

If you enjoy going on tours, then a boat tour to this fabulous bay is a must, it is not a long journey, but it is simply the best way to reach it, on the water. This is where you will find the location that was used for the famous film, “The Beach” starring the gorgeous Leonardo di Caprio, which has brought a lot more people here. It is a paradise of white sand and calm waters, the downside is that it has many people arriving by boats, whether it is small ferries or longboats, that come onto the shore, however if you hire your own longboat, you can arrive in the early morning and enjoy the stillness and ambience of this natural place.

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Ko Mai Phai

Known in English as Bamboo Island is a little island surrounded by coral, making it a wonderful location for snorkelling, the amount of fish that are around this area of many colours, is breathtaking and within your reach. The beaches that surround this island are stunning and very quiet. You can arrive by longboat and take off onto the beach, imagining yourself deserted on this island paradise, at least for a few hours. Koh Phi Phi Don is an exceptional, all round vacation location to suit all tastes,and it is the perfect time of year to see it and enjoy it at its best.

Koh Phi Phi content by weholi