Created by Alejandra Larade.

Do you enjoy contact with nature and beautiful sceneries?


Start planning your visit to beautiful Chiapas in the South of Mexico. Here you can admire many different colors, culture, handcrafts, waterfalls, lagoons, caves and archeology. It’s actually this and many more things that we can’t tell you enough, so here is a small sample of what you can find there.

Astounding Sumidero Canyon

When you’re visiting Chiapas, you can’t consider you’ve known it till you get to Sumidero Canyon. This is a majestic site, just few miles from Tuxtla Gutierrez, feed by the Grijalva River, this site you can explore in many ways: kayaking, rafting, zip lining, or biking at the Ecological Park located in the Canyon, once you get there by boat.

The ride to the canyon can be a slow ride so you can admire the damp, caves, and some wildlife you find along the way. One of the boarding spots is Chiapa de Corzo, and if you venture this way, take a peak at the main plaza, where you can click some nice pictures with the “La Pila fountain”, which is an architectural beauty.

Montebello Lagoon and 51 other great lakes and lagoons

To enjoy this nice scenery and what nature has in store, you need to consider half day or a full day, as there are many areas to explore, so it’s well worth to reserve one day for this adventure.

From Tuxtla Gutierrez it will take you almost 3 hours to get to this National Park, and you can drive or book a tour. At this paradise there are more than 51 lakes and lagoons such as: Ensueño, Perol, La Cañada, La Laguna Encantada, Bosque Azul, Montebello, Perol, and Tinta, to name a few, and the colors of the water vary from turquoise, green, and brown, depending on the mix of the minerals, the amount of rain, or what it’s underneath.

This park expands over 6 hectares, and is border with Guatemala; here you can admire flora such as wild gladiolus flowers and fauna, mainly birds and some wild cats.

Stunning Blue Water Waterfalls

Cascadas de Agua Azul is not a very high waterfall, but it’s a long one that you can admire for almost 1 km. along the way. In some areas you can safely swim, but as there are many rocks, it can also be very slippery, so be very careful if you decide to dip in. Be prepared to spend 2-4 hours, depending on the weather, and how busy it is, and you can bring some food to have some picnic. If you look close in some of the falls from the waterfall you can see some rainbows with the mixture of the mist of the water with the sun. Be alert on the weather to avoid rain, as you will not be able to admire it to its full beauty, as the water may look dark.

Agua Azul Waterfall

Misol-Ha Waterfall

As you work your way to Palenque, reserve some time to visit and enjoy the Misol-Ha Waterfall, which has its name from the Mayan meaning “Streaming Water”. You can enjoy a refreshing dip into the natural pool that lies at the bottom of the rainforest waterfall.


A trip to the past: Palenque

This precious archeological site is a Mayan gem, very well studied and documented, that you can actually be your own guide and enjoy the whole area. Palenque is located North East of Chiapas, in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and a forest; here you can explore the most stunning pyramid, called Temple of the Inscriptions for the hieroglyphics located inside, which described the genealogical tree of King Pakal.