Created by Margaret Tully

Come with us on a journey that begins under the cool waters of a waterfall, in the Caribbean paradise that is Jamaica.

Music is in its heart and soul and beautiful beaches will keep it etched in your mind, forever. Dunn´s River Falls are natural waterfalls turned into an unspoilt play park for you to enjoy. They are located in Ocho Rios, a popular holiday destination here in Jamaica. You snake your way up and through the falls with your other group members and enjoy the cool water, it really is a shock to your system but it is equally pleasant. It has some really nice viewpoints and the atmosphere is electric, with all the guides keeping the chain going, by the bellow of their loud and clear voices and the excited screams and cheers of the participants. You feel empowered by the end and raring to go.
If your adrenalin is not fully pumped yet then combine the river falls tour with the Mystic Mountain, which is a fun mountain park that gives you the opportunity to climb high on a chairlift, up and up until you reach the summit, where the views over the most emotionally reactive view is in your sights. For those who are not of the adventurous type, a lookout tower is available for you to be able to put two feet on the ground.Can you imagine a pool that is on the edge of the park, and you swoosh out of the water slide into it, as if you are a bubble floating in the air. Their is a popular bob sled ride that is one of those rides that you want to do, again and again and a zip line that is placed under the canopy of the lush rainforest.
You can view butterflies that are all the colours of the rainbow and flowers with strikingly beautiful and unusual hummingbirds feeding and landing on the them, within the parks garden areas. Well I don´t know about you but I am ready to head down to the beach now, and what a choice! The blue Caribbean sea and the soft, and pearl coloured sand awaits and is easily found in Ocho Rios.
Reggae Beach is located at the foot of Dunn´s River Falls, you will see the falls, tower above you as you now relax on this small but perfectly formed beach. Music of the late and great Bob Marley is often heard, as this is where you will find his home and a museum. Music of all the Caribbean artists both old and new will be gently humming through your mind, whilst the waves lapping in and out take you to that truly deep and restful place. The food here is authentic too, with traditionally Jamaican dishes of Jerk Chicken that can be purchased and enjoyed. You might be here until the sun goes down and as the air cools a beach fire is lit and the atmosphere changes to a more vibrant party feel – it´s time to dance.
Turtle Beach is a picturesque beach with top quality amenities and it is a large stretch of beach, perhaps the largest in this area. It is very child friendly so great for all the family and plenty of room to spread your towels out or don your snorkel mask, the fish are visible just under the beautiful waters of this location. If you can find two coconut palms nearby to tie your hammock to, you will be there for the day – everyday. Mallards beach is free of charge and you will rub shoulders with the local Jamaican people here, and it is perfectly located near the town if you fancy exploring. In the town you will find everyday life alongside street vendors with their artwork for sale. Jamaica is a very inspiring place for artists, its colours and raw energy attracts them, you will see colourful canvas, wooden sculptures and woven trinkets – it is a great place to purchase unique souvenirs.
There are mega-resorts in Jamaica where you can get all you desire under one roof and this is a great way to enjoy a holiday in this friendly, hot and bustling destination. Through your resort you can book your tours to the afore mentioned attractions. The mega-resorts are in various locations and all have fantastic accommodation that is clean, well appointed and with all the home comforts you could ask for. There are sport activities that you can take part in such as golf, tennis and if you prefer a pool to the sea then these resorts have got them too. You can even go horse riding in the sea here in Jamaica. It is the type of destination that will just keep giving.