Rejuvenation and peace are the premise of the Scandinave Spa, a Nordic bath experience, nestled amongst tall cedar trees dripping with moss in the Pacific Northwest, Canada. Located just outside Whistler Village in beautiful British Columbia, the Scandinave offers incredible world-class service and total relaxation. With a number of spas located across the country, the Scandinave is setting the bar high for spa service that goes beyond just a good massage.


The first clue that you will be leaving this place calm and relaxed is the no cell phone policy. Tasteful signs casually mark the earthy path from the parking lot to the rustic wood lodge building where your experience begins. The no cell phone signs along the way are the beginning of the relaxation ritual that will have you melting away the day. A quiet reception area welcomes you with highly personal staff available to help make this your best spa experience to date. Like most spas, the Scandinave offers a variety of massage treatments to choose from. And while all the professional therapists can work out any and all kinks you might have, the true secret to relaxation here is the Nordic bath experience. When booking a massage treatment, the baths are included in the price however; you can forgo the pummeling and choose the bath series on its own.


Once changed into swim wear, make your way out into the natural oasis that makes up the bath experience. Utter silence will great you with only the calming sound of the river close breaking the peace. Spending as much or as little time as you choose in the baths is directly related to how relaxed you wish to become. For those new to a Nordic bath experience, it is a series of hot and cold immersions that seek to cleanse the body and stimulation blood flow, all yielding a more relaxed state of being. The experience features alternating hot and cold temperatures, which are said to eliminate toxins and decrease inflammation. Choose from a variety of saunas, steam baths, hot baths and cold plunges all scattered in the forest grounds of the spa. Taking time to reflect after each hot and cold treatment is also a key part to achieving a state of relaxation. Silent rooms, and sun chairs for warmer days, around the property are available to sit back and reflect in solitude. The baths are a great pre-relaxer prior to a massage and equally as effective after to continue your state of utter bliss.


A teashop serving light, healthy fare is available for a bite to eat. With a number of glowing fireplaces around the lobby, sipping some green tea after treating yourself to one of the world’s most relaxing experiences is the ideal end to a perfect day of bliss at the Scandinave Spa in Whistler, BC.

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Created by Lynn May Gosselin