Created by Margaret Tully

Paris is well known for its art galleries, fine restaurants, architecture and the infamous La Tour Eiffel, The Eiffel Tower.

A district or area within Paris is Le Marais, would you like to take a trip around it?Let us start our trip in Le Marché des Enfants Rouges, which is an excellent outdoor market where you can buy fresh produce, for taking back to your apartment or planning a picnic in one of the many gardens within this area. It is a wonderful, authentic market where you will immediately be aware of being in Paris, France.he most dominating and well known piece of architecture in Le Marais is Notre Dame, the ornate Gothic structure is imposing yet inviting and it makes for a special and very spiritual “attraction” to go into, walk around and even sit in the gardens at the rear of it, the Square Jean XXIII gardens.
Within these beautifully set out gardens is the ornate feature of a fountain, there are many throughout Le Marais.
Le Marais is a very art orientated part of Paris, we are not talking about the Louvre or the Pompidou centre, which are both amazing galleries to visit. In Le Marais you have the Musée Pablo Picasso, which is dedicated to the works of Picasso.

There are endless amounts of cafés and restaurants in Le Marais, on every street, on every corner you will find something to eat and drink. Perhaps you want that little bit more and here in Le Marais you can find it. There is the Art Kitchen, where Michelin chef, Philippe Colin wants to share his expertise with you, making it possible for you to learn from him and his team, cook in his top of the range kitchen and use the best, fresh produce of France. It is an excellent facility and also you can dine here, which is a top class experience.

For a unique café experience then look no further than Café Pouchkine, where Russia and France meet happily, to create wonderful and original sweet and savoury delights. Your eyes will be overwhelmed by the look of the small, refined dishes, perfectly proportioned to satisfy.
The shops in Le Marais are just fantastic. They look as good from the outside as they are when you enter them. Typically French style frontages, or modern and contemporary but sitting well with the surrounding architecture. You will find endless boutiques, catering for all genre of people and also quirky and original types of shops.
The one that stands out is Goumanyat & Son Royaume which sells spices from all over the world and creates blends that you can only imagine creating, there are lots of jars and bottles set out, and an area dedicated to wines, for cooking and creating original flavours. It is a cooks paradise.
You cannot go to Paris without eating or bringing back some chocolates and in particular praline filled sweet treats. The House of Prasline Mazet is a superb shop to fill your needs and more.

Apart from the food and clothes shops, there are shops such as Vintage Photographie, which is a shop dedicated to photography, it is filled with vintage photos on every subject matter and its owner is passionate about his work, it is a very unique shop that you can loose a lot of time in.
If you like to be entertained whilst you are eating, then in the evening at Bel Canto, you can eat whilst listening to classical opera performed by young singers, it is a special setting, and has a warm and friendly atmosphere.

You can enjoy various types of live performance art at the Théâtre du Châtelet which is a very impressive building which is nearby and celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2012, or the Moulin Rouge if you want to see the Cancan dancers.
Le Marais is exceptional and Paris on the whole is outstanding so if you have been to Paris before and think you have seen it all, then maybe have another look?.