Created by Alejandra Larade.

Discover why a lot of people get involved with Argentina

With a wide territory and a great diversity of sceneries, food, traditions, activities, etc. and a merge originated since the earliest settlers from Italy, France, Spain, to nowadays, Argentina is a great destination all year around.  Here are some of best regions to explore in this amazing country in South America.

Wine and more in Mendoza

Considered a Province of Cuyo, Mendoza is a place to visit for so many reasons: not only for its historic importance, as here is where some of the battles to form this nation took place; but also as it’s the point to meet and enjoy some great activities such as mountaineering, hiking, trekking, climbing, skiing, river rafting, and biking to name some.

If your passion is wine, you need to consider checking some of the great Malbec that Mendoza has to offer, consider following the Wine Route and exploring some of he wineries, from big and internationally known to some small with great wine to offer. Some of the famous wineries you shouldn’t miss are: Catena Zapata, Trapiche, and Norton.


The Pampas – Santa Rosa

In this region is where the traditional “Gaucho” originated in the 18th century, riding in the vast and plain terrain. To this day, you still can find many gauchos, or cowboys, and enjoy this fantastic view and way of live of the countryside. Santa Rosa is the bellybutton of Argentina, as it joins the Andes with the Atlantic Ocean, and the north with the south; making it an important destination to visit.

Mar del Plata

Relax in the “Happy City” as some know it, Mar de Plata, where you can admire the sunsets from a cliff, and see some of the people paragliding, or if you are adventurous, enjoy some parachuting, windsurfing, surfing, sailing, swimming, scuba diving, sport fishing, or any of the many activities that you can enjoy in this nice location. Take a stroll around the beach and enjoy the scenery.  This is a city rich in culture and vibrant with many activities, you can catch so me great plays at some of the theatres.

Buenos Aires

Visit the capital of Argentina to find out why some call it “South American Paris”, mingle with locals strolling by on Florida Avenue, and stop to grab a coffee and admire the classic “Café Tortoni”. Look for some restaurants, bars, plazas or places to admire or participate if you prefer, in the Tango dance; there are some places that give some short lessons for visitors who want to learn it while visiting Argentina. In Buenos Aires be sure to enjoy some of their great architecture, mix of European and American.


Indulge in the great pleasure of eating, and when in Argentina, you can try their typical asado (BBQ), or a juicy steak, both paired with chimichurri salsa (sauce of vinegar, garlic and herbs), and don’t forget to try any of the varieties of the empanadas, as these are pastries that can be filled with meat, cheese, corn, or almost any ingredient.  In Patagonia it’s more common to find lamb and goat, rather than steak, as it changes from  region to region, depending on the ingredients available. For sure enjoy the friendly ambience and the diversity in their cuisine.