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Would you like to venture in a city rich in history, with great sceneries, charming colonial, and a special baroque design for Latin Americas?


Then come and visit Queretaro, and you’ll be marveled with everything you find, from big and famous hills, wineries, several World Heritage sites, and a biosphere reserve that will impress you, when you consider the site of this state.

Queretaro Mexico content by weholi

Discover Colonial Downtown

Visit some of the historic monuments, considered by UNESCO as World Heritage site.  The majority of its buildings dated the golden age in the 17th and 18th centuries.  A good and easy way to explore the best sites is by a double-decker bus that takes you around downtown historic center, where you get some explanation and history of the sites.  Many of the streets downtown are cobbled and narrow; there are pedestrian “Andadores” (walkways), quiet plazas, several churches, notable mansions, some flea markets where you can find some great handicrafts, and a magnificent aqueduct.

Queretaro Mexico content by weholi

Wander Into Magnificent Sierra Gorda (Pine-clad mountains)

Adventure into the different ecosystems that you’ll find once you travel around the Sierra Gorda.  It’s formed by rivers, waterfalls, caves, canyons, and hills that create the most diverse area in Mexico.  Here you’ll find five Franciscan missionary sites considered by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, displaying a multiethnic population and baroque style in some of its architecture.  When you start your travels into Sierra Gorda, you’ll notice a change of scenery every 20 -30 kilometers from semi desert, tropical forest, rain forest, jungle, to arid, and other ecosystems, so you’ll never be bored of the colours, flora or fauna that you’ll encounter along your way on this site considered a biosphere reserve.

Queretaro Mexico content by weholi

The five missionary sites are:

* Santiago de Jalpan – This was the first of the five they start building, and its exterior is decorated with flowers.

* San Miguel Conca – It’s the first that was completed of the five. This one depicts with its decoration the input of the Indians with the rough statues, and has two important symbols from Latino America: the sun and the moon.

Queretaro Mexico content by weholi

* San Francisco del Valle de Tilaco – This is the smaller and more austere. The facade depicts a garden of angels removing the drop curtains to let the light in. You can also notice four smiling sirens, which meaning is still unclear.

* Nuestra Senora de la Luz de Tancoyol – The facade is iconographically the most complex of the five, with traditional designs from European constructions, with some indigenous symbols as a jaguar, and some Olmeca figures.

* Santa Maria de las Aguas de Landa – This facade is heavily decorated with characters from heaven, and symbolizes the end of the spiritual conquest at Sierra Gorda.

Queretaro Mexico content by weholi

Relax and enjoy the nature at Las Adjuntas (2 joining rivers)

This site is very close to Jalpan, which is one of the five missionary sites. It is still part of the Sierra Gorda, and is where Rio Ayutla and Santa Maria (rivers) join to continue as one.  The singularity of this site is to observe how the water from both rives doesn’t mix, as they have different temperatures and colours. The river with cold water has blue crystalline waters, and the warm river has an earthy colour.  Around this area you can find several places where they offer some great local food.  It’s not a crowded site, so you’ll enjoy the seclusion of the place.

Queretaro Mexico content by weholi