Do you need to unwind, and wind down? Looking for a de-stress vacation?

Pekutatan, Bali in the wonderful Asian Indonesia, you can find a green and tranquil oasis. This is a less explored and certainly not a major vacation destination, so expect to be spoilt in this unspoilt, authentic Bali experience.  Real life goes on around you as you soak up the warm sun, lazing your vacation time away on a sun lounger, a good book in hand and the sound of the waves from the nearby beach within earshot. Expect to hear the sounds of nature all around you.

Bali-Pekutatan Beach

It is in Pekutatan that you will see beautifully laid out rice fields, as if a garden designer has drawn a plan for the most perfect looking garden – it is instead the staple food of the locals and their livelihood.  If you have ever wanted to go backpacking but enjoy your home comforts too much, then this is a great destination as it offers the authenticity of being off the beaten track, but you know that you will return after each days exploration, to your wonderful accommodation, with all the home comforts that you will need.

If you do enjoy a “real” beach experience then this stretch has a natural coastline and amongst the rugged stones and wild trees, there are areas for you to lay a towel down and dip your toes in the lovely water, that laps the shore. If you are not too bothered about having to travel only three or four kilometres, then the famous surf waves of Medewi beach is within reach. This is a great place to venture to, if you enjoy surfing or just to like to watch the free spirits throw themselves into the large curl of the wave. There is a lovely, easy going café here, that is very popular with the surfer, they serve a mixture of cuisines to suit most nationalities.


Your senses are always being brought into play while you are spending time in this part of Bali. Your sense of smell cannot help noticing the sweet smell of vanilla from the beautiful vanilla orchid, which is grown here and harvested, it is in some ways the smell of Bali.  For another trip you can head to the Pulukan Plantation, which is an ecological area, of over 1300 hectares, that climbs into the mountains, that your home here is surrounded by. Here you will see growing – the heavily scented clove spice, the coconut and even the coffee bean.

The fishermen are never far away, and this too is as if you have gone back in time, their wooden boats are dragged ashore and the abundant sea keeps the smile on their faces. Fish is a popular choice on the menus here, along with rice and coconut based sauces, infused with mild spice.  You are always surrounded by the mountains, the strong protectors of Mother nature to keep you safe, it is a special part of Bali, Pekutatan, your natural Bali experience awaits – nature, nurture and relaxation.

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Created by Margaret Tully