Created by Margaret Tully

Do you want to know 5 of our restaurant recommendations when holidaying in elegant Nice?

We have chose them for their diversity and quality, giving you a full gastronomic experience of all your senses. We start with Restaurant Aphrodite, where you will not only be delighted with the range of choices on offer but also of the originality of the dishes. Top chef David Faure is not just an exceptional cook but he is somewhat of a scientist. You can eat from the “R”evolution” menu where dry ice and iodine foam is entwined into the well presented dishes. All your senses are on high alert as you try something unique, the phrase he has coined to describe this is “techno-emotional”. Another of his unusual menus is the “Alternative food” menu where he has cleverly embellished his dishes with edible insects which might sound totally unappetising but his reviews say the opposite. He is all about giving you the opportunity to go on an adventure with your palette and although meal worms and crickets don´t sound “normal” he actually pulls it off.
The restaurant also offers more familiar choices and has a superb vegetarian menu and he likes to use edible flowers to pretty up his elegant presentation, which makes for a colourful display set out on the plate before you. You will find Aphrodite on Boulevard Dubouchage. Moving on to somewhere completely different and totally detached from its location. When in Nice you tend to expect the French cuisine to be your only or at least your best choice for food but you would wrong. West Coast Diner situated in Boulevard Joseph Garnier which is not far from Jardin Thiole with its water features as focal points set in the mature gardens, benches perfectly placed to enjoy the structures.
This restaurant is the best place in town to get a home-made burger or Mexican and Californian influenced food. On entering you are transported to America with it´s authentic styling of a real diner. The booth type seating is great for families and the relaxed ambience is fantastic. You can forget about elegant French food and enjoy a hearty meal but still of exceptional quality.
Our next restaurant is in fact two, which are housed within the Le Negresco Hotel. These restaurants in contrast to West Coast Diner are typically French. Restaurant Le Chantecler is like a French palace, ornate and full of patterns and rich fabrics, real wood details in the staircase and in some panelling. You will be constantly looking around the room seeing yet more for your eyes to feast on, and that is just the décor. The menus are that of Jean-Denis Rieubland with his two Michelin stars, his finesse and refined execution of quality produce into stunning dishes, that look as good as they taste, is a foodies joy. In the other restaurant with the hotel you will be equally overjoyed to know that the décor in here is more of the same, French elegance complete with an 18th Century Carousel. Restaurant La Rotonde has a terrace that has beautiful views out to sea. The food is of equal quality to that of Le Chantecler and is a fantastic choice for families as the children will be mesmerized by the décor and it is a very family orientated setting.
We are heading into the old town to find Planet Sushi, with its bright, bubble gum pink and grey exterior you will not miss it – it is situated in Boulevard Jean Jaures which is not far from Cathedrale Sainte-Reparate, Nice´s Cathedral, a wonderful place to visit and take photos. In Planet Sushi you feel as though you are in an amazing factory with it´s sushi bar conveyor belt moving around with coloured dishes, with top quality Japanese fair within and little clear dome lids on top. You can simply watch them as they go around and take what grabs your fancy. The seating is modern and comfortable and the use of lighting within the restaurant makes it clinically clean and fresh, a reflection of the food that you can enjoy here.
Heading down to the Port, Quai Lunel you will find Le Bistrot du Port. This is all about location, being right on the front with exceptional views to the port you will not be in a hurry to leave this restaurant. There is plenty of good quality meals on the menu to make sure you will spend at least two hours here. The atmosphere is friendly and you really have the sense of being in Nice. The food is very tasty and is the type of food that you can roll your sleeves up for. Traditional and familiar cuisine and although not refined, it is very good. It makes our top five for that homely place in an excellent location. This is just a small selection of restaurants in Nice, there are so many to choose from but none so diverse, we hope you will enjoy your eating experiences in Nice, when you next holiday there.