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Sydney boasts a mind-blogging array of exceptional places for eating breakfast- a very social affair known endearingly to locals as ‘brekky’, and considered something of an Aussie weekend ritual.

With so many weird, wonderful and simply divine places to grab your eggs and flat white in the Sydney sun, why not narrow it down and aim for some blissful roof top action?

Sydney is famous for remarkable horizons, after all; be it glistening ocean expanses, or winking, dazzling cityscapes. Just check out these two sublime Sydney breakfast spots, and experience an exquisite Aussie taste of both beach and city.

Coogee Pavilion: Brekky at the beach

Coogee Pavilion Brekky at the beach

Summer in the city could not get more quintessentially ‘Aussie beach chic’ if it tried! The floral, happy, and refreshingly lighthearted vibes of this beach-front fun-house attract old and young alike, with their larger than life board old-school games downstairs (think: Giant Jenga and enormous magnetic Scrabble games on the walls), and delicious menu and shimmering sea views upstairs.

The rooftop looking directly over Coogee Beach is the real draw here- the inventive and quirky menu acting the icing on the cake. Overall, the pavilion is the ultimate crowd pleaser on a sunny Sunday morning: the uber-chic, bright, funky and delightfully summery interior is sure to wow even the most highbrow of latte sipping yuppies, whilst simultaneously win over the most casual of beach hippy bums.

The Glenmore: Brekky in the city

This establishthe glen more roof topment is absolutely one of the ‘must-do’ Sydney spots, and features quite highly on most vacationers lists! Whether you catch those Sydney rays here in the morning or the evening, you are promised an incredible view of sparkling Darling Harbor, iconic Sydney Opera House and the shimmering CBD skyline. The views are worthy of a postcard, so bring your cameras and get ready for a treat.

Whilst there is no specific breakfast menu, do not be deterred! The food, served all day, is quirky and delicious; and this place certainly gets busy at weekends so arriving early for brekky or brunch will certainly stand you in good stead.

Be sure to nab that perfect table and stick around for cold beers high above the skyline. Part of the draw here is not just the fabulous views but also the exceptional people watching! The bar will get busy and the atmosphere will start to pump, and you are promised an electric vibe and a mesmerizing city vista.

Wether you opt for a city feast high above the winking CBD skyline, or a beachy affair overlooking the sparkling ocean, we are certain that a Sydney brekky will steal your heart!

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Created by Melissa Elderfield