There is no doubt that Phuket is a number one destination for beaches but have you ever sat on the shoreline of Phuket and looked out into the sea at the many islands surrounding it?

Created by Margaret Tully


Here we would like to explore with you just some of the islands that you can visit and what´s on offer. To island hop around Phuket is encouraged and there are many boats available to take you to them, either on round trips or to drop you off, if you fancy staying over. One of the main group of islands, that are a fair distance away from Phuket but well worth the journey, are the Similan Islands. There are nine islands within this group and are all doable by boat.

On the organised trips you will be taken to only a few of them, where you can take part in snorkelling and swimming or simply relaxing. One of the islands has giant, smooth stones that look as though they have melted into each other. They are easy to climb and the view down through the crystal clear water is outstanding. The water is so clear that you can see the white sand on the sea bed shimmer up through the water. There are many tropical fish that swim close to you and it is even permitted to feed them.There are turtles that just love to have their photo taken.On one of the islands there is a beach hut, of a fair size, that serves basic lunches and soft drinks.There is a beautiful stretch of white sand in front of the restaurant, where you can lie and relax and dip in and out of the water, to cool down a little.

The restaurant makes for a great meeting place and point of reference as you explore the rest of this particular island within the Similan Island group. Much nearer to your base of Phuket is Koh Sirey island, which at first sight doesn´t appear like an island, as it is joined to the town of Phuket by a small bridge. It is a fairly small island but has at the top of a hill, a Thai Temple where a huge reclining golden Buddha statue lies and lots of smaller golden Buddhas are placed around. You can visit this site which helps to connect you to the culture of the people of Phuket. There is an outstanding seafood restaurant on Koh Sirey called Plylaem Seafood – it lies within a quadrangle at the rear of the main resort and is framed with grass roofed buildings and palm trees. If you are not completely fed up with monkeys on your Phuket trip? Then the bridge leading to and from Koh Sirey is buzzing with the little critters. There is the familiar green sign with an image of a little monkey in white, with the words “monkey on road” on it – very amusing. The advantage of this island is not having to go by boat.

For the height of luxury in island hopping, then you must not miss visiting Rang Yai Island – this is a private island but it is possible to visit it. You can visit here and experience a completely isolated time, where you can kayak in the surrounding waters or cycle inland. You can see where pearls are formed within oyster shells and farmed and crafted into jewellery. It has a stunning shoreline of white sand beaches and in the centre it has acres of tropical forest, and densely planted palm trees. For that real escape and a beautiful sail on a long tail boat, look no further than Rang Yai. There are so many more islands around Phuket, that offer the traveller something unique. It would take a lifetime to explore all that Phuket and its islands have to offer, let´s hope we have brought out the explorer in you.