In the summertime, it’s time to break out the bathing suits, the board shorts and have heaps of fun. Nothing says summer fun than water parks, water slides and pool time. Taking water fun to another level is a fresh and exciting attraction coming to a North American city near you this summer. Slide the City seeks to achieve fast wet fun this summer. Look out Vancouver, Phoenix, and Orlando along with many other major city centres, 1000 feet of slick fun is coming to take over this summer.

slide the city

Slide the City is the largest waterslide you’ve ever seen, in your life. The size of three football fields and made of slick vinyl, this oversized slippery dip will be taking over city streets during the months of July and August, touring fun all over the continent. Not everyone can escape the penetrating heat of summer in the city. So for those not able to get away with the kids this summer, check out the Slide the City website for dates in your city.


Boasting a family friendly water party experience with live music, food, drinks and loads of excitement. The high-energy water experience will have kids marveling at the massive slip and slide. And for the adults, this event is sure to bring out the kid in everyone. Who doesn’t want to whiz down a massive slippery slide in the middle of city? So be sure to check your local dates and break out the mini slide in your own backyard. Practice makes perfect and when Slide the City arrives in your hometown, you’ll want to be the fasted slider in town. Summer 2015 is the summer to get soaked.


Created by Lynn May Gosselin