Created by Margaret Tully.

Do you want more than a beach destination in the Caribbean? Answer: St.Kitts & Nevis

St.Kitts and Nevis, two Caribbean  islands of volcanic origin, where nature and nurture are the keywords. We start with St.Kitts, the larger of the two islands, which has at its centre a mountain named Liamuiga, it is at the centre of a backbone of peaks that run through this island and have given it its fertility.

You can visit this peak and the surrounding tropical rainforest while holidaying in St.Kitts and your views of its neighbour Nevis and the beautiful Caribbean sea is gorgeous. The rainforest is lush and full of deep green foliage with brightly coloured  flowers, attracting tropical birds and insects, it is a green paradise. It is preserved under a green tourism scheme so that it will be there to enjoy and provide good air to the island and the world as a whole. The people of this island are so friendly and very well turned out, there is never an untidy air about anyone or even the gardens and the houses, they are all immaculate. St.Kitt´s has been an independent island since the 1980´s but the old colonial England that once ruled here is still very much seen in the Georgian architecture and the plantation houses.

They seem to embrace all cultures and the food reflects this best as it is a unique blend of French, Caribbean and English styles – fresh and crispy food is always served and the way in which it is presented is as important as the food itself.  Brimstone hill is definitely worth a visit as you can see the old fortress that defended the island from various pirate nations wanting to claim this piece of heaven from themselves. It is a grassy area now and the views are outstanding. For yet more of the beautiful plant life of the Caribbean then you must go to Romney Manor but you are also in for a treat here as it is also home to a Batik clothing manufacturer who puts on cat walk shows and you can see how these bright designs are created, of course you can purchase them too.

If you don´t want to walk any more then hop on the St.Kitts Scenic Railway train, it takes you on a sugar plantation tour which gives you a great overview of all that St.Kitts has to offer.  The beaches are out of this world. From the black sanded north to the beautiful white sands of the South, each side giving something different. Waves for the surfers or calm lagoons for the swimmer or snorkeller. Perfect sunbathing opportunities and adventurous dives to see protected coral reefs and old ship wrecks.

We go now to Nevis, the island that is only a few miles away. This smaller island is packed full of activities to suit all tastes. Again it has a volcanic peak that is surrounded by rainforest, giving the island its healthy air and beating heart.  Here in Nevis you can play golf on the perfect golf courses and you can even have a day at the races, the Indian Castle race track runs meetings each month, it is a fantastic day out with all the grandeur of Ascot.  You can ride around on a horse drawn carriage in Nevis on a plantation tour, it is so relaxing and the scenery is so beautiful, it is a very romantic thing to do.  It has to be said water is the main attraction here the boat that brought you can be transformed into the cruiser to enjoy a meal aboard or a whale and dolphin sight seeing tour. Diving, swimming, snorkelling it has it all. The beaches are also of exceptional quality and you will want for nothing on this beautiful island.

They are both the perfect location for people in love of any age, families looking for adventure and lazy days on the beach. There are not many places on earth that are perfect but St. Kitts and Nevis would be hard to beat.