As the seasons change, the temperate begins to drop across Europe. Many people welcome the cool air, but others aren’t ready to give up the summer fun! Luckily the size and diversity across the the continent give tourists plenty of destinations to keep summer alive for as long as possible.

From the islands of the Mediterranean Sea to the coastline of Greece, you can soak up the rays throughout autumn at these warm locations! What’s your favorite autumn destination in Europe? Let us know below!

Sardinia, Italy

Avoid the summer crowds by visiting the island of Sardinia in the autumn instead of summer. The water is refreshing, the pristine beaches are clear, and the temperature is absolutely perfect. And without the hoards of tourists, you’re able to experience a truer version of Sardinia’s culture by perusing one of many seasonal festivals. Favorites include the gape harvest, the chestnut and saffron festivals, and a celebration of the pomegranate.

Stay Warm In These Autumn Europe Destinations

Canary Islands, Spain

Once the tourist rush has gone home for the summer, the Canary Islands truly come alive. Find peace in a rental villa overlooking the charming streets and vistas of Los Gigantes or Adeje. Walk the miles of white, sandy beaches without diverting around thousands of umbrellas and chairs. The temperature stays warm, around 29C, throughout the entire autumn season, so there’s really no wrong time to visit the Canary Islands!

Stay Warm In These Autumn Europe Destinations

Mojacar Playa, Andalusia, Spain

With an average temperature hovering in the low 30’s, it’s a no-brainer to visit Mojacar Playa in Andalusia in the autumn. While the whitewashed beachfront village is packed with visitors in the summer months, the water stays warm and the sun stays shining for the entire season. In fact, with the more temperate autumn air, it’s even easier to enjoy tapas and sangria outside on a cafe patio!

Stay Warm In These Autumn Europe Destinations

Peloponnese, Greece

Mainland Greece is full of magical wonder during the autumn months. The water temperatures stay warm, the tourist rush dissipates, and the locals come alive in celebration of the olive harvest. The coastline of Peloponnese, while completely packed mid-summer, is especially exciting during autumn. Dive into the glistening turquoise sea from rocky cliffs or sunbathe along the shore. The nightlife is just as exciting, too! Have a late dinner then explore the streets of Kalamata to find a lively spot. The Mediterranean spirit is alive and well in Greece!

Stay Warm In These Autumn Europe Destinations

Created by Mandy Burkholder