We all know just how easy it is to feel ill while traveling, with the confined airplane air, cramped quarters, and disruption of daily cycles.

Luckily there are certain foods you can eat that will keep your health at optimal levels. We’ve all heard of such superfoods, but what do they actually do for your wellness? And how can they help while traveling?

Superfoods To Eat While Traveling

If you’re one who seems to contract an illness every time you catch a flight, read on!


Superfoods To Eat While Traveling

As one of the most popular superfoods, Quinoa is packed with nutrients like fiber and iron. You can find the grain baked into breads, crackers, and cereals, but it’s also great as-is. Iron is notoriously great for combatting altitude sickness, so quinoa is a great choice before a long flight. You can even eat it before a high-altitude hike!


Superfoods To Eat While Traveling

Vitamin C is a legendary immune system supplement, so be sure to ask for the citrusy fruit in your water. This immune booster is known to help against fevers and colds, which we all need after a germy flight!


Superfoods To Eat While Traveling

Jetlag, sightseeing, lack of sleep, and weird eating habits all contribute to total exhaustion during travel days. To help yourself out, eat plenty of beets before your flight. Fill up to help accelerate your stamina and you’ll make it through tough days with a smile on your face!


Superfoods To Eat While Traveling

Ginger is simply one of those foods that makes everything better. Not only is it perfect for soothing nausea and stomach aches, it also reduces headaches, relaxes muscles, and relieves congestion. And if you’ve traveled at all in your life, you know just how easy it is to feel any and all of those symptoms!

Dark Cherries

Superfoods To Eat While Traveling

For those who have difficulty sleeping on flights, dark cherries might be your next favorite mid-flight snack. Natural melatonin in the sweet little fruits will help relax your nervous system and lull you into a gentle rest.

Created by Mandy Burkholder