Created by Alejandra Larade.

If you’re visiting the Rockies for the first time, even if you have been lucky enough to enjoy it several times, it is always a new experience, new colors, new discoveries, a magnificent place.


There are many ways to enjoy the Canadian Rocky Mountains – relax and enjoy the scenery or get your heart beating and have fun with some exciting adventures like hiking, kayaking, climbing, biking, even horse-back riding.  It is home to several species of animals such as moose, grizzly bears and the wolverine. You can even treat yourself to a helicopter adventure, which will give you another view of this wonderful place.

Magic Banff Springs

Indulge in magic Banff. Beauty is encountered across a cave with hot springs, surrounded by mountains, valleys, forests, glaciers, rivers and meadows. A prime destination to take your time in and explore, discovering as those before you did, more than a hundred years ago, when some explorers stumbled upon this place. Walk some of the trails and boardwalks that will guide you to the forest and through to the marsh.

Moraine Lake – marvel in the beauty of the bright emerald color of the water and enjoy a boat tour or canoeing.

Breathtaking Lake Louise

You can enjoy this natural place in the winter and get mesmerized by the beautiful and natural skating rink, protected by the peaks of the mountains, or in the summer you can paddle through the sparkling waters. If you enjoy the cold and love some winter activities, here you can take advantage of the perfect location and enjoy the pleasures of many alpine activities, such as cross-country skiing, or even ice fishing.  Ice fields Parkway – on a hot summer or on a cold winter’s day,  this is a view of a lifetime. Discover the ice fields, closely look at the peaks with hanging glaciers, you can see some thick blue or white pieces, truly wondrous.  Athabasca Glacier – This is one of the toes of the Columbia Ice field where the ice is in continuous motion, which makes it look like a frozen river.

Jasper, a magnificent sight on earth

Named by The World Heritage Committee as a significant sight on earth.  Whatever your mood, you need to consider a trip to this beautiful and magnificent place where you can admire the beauty of the nature in the scenery and the wonderful animals. You can immerse yourself into the past when you see some of the old and well conserved buildings, such as the post office,  an old fire hall, train station, and two amazing pieces of architecture – Jackman House and Robson House.

You can use your five senses to admire Jasper National Park, as you can smell your way through the evergreen forest, notice and name the different mountain peaks, feel the temperature of the water in the shimmering glaciers or in the clear lakes, listen to the thundering waterfalls or the noise of the wilderness, and savor some of Alberta’s meat and organic, local cuisine. Spirit Island – nestled between the Canadian Rockies and surrounded by the bright blue glacial waters of Maligne Lake, this site will captivate you, as the view is fantastic no matter where you turn. Jasper Sky Tram – it will feel you are having a trip in the clouds. As you emerge from the clouds, at the site of one of the highest peaks in the Rockies, the view is totally unique and memorable.