Created by Margaret Tully

Deserted islands and white sanded coastlines, seen it all before? 

In Thailand´s Andaman Sea coast you can not only be on a deserted island but you can go within one, into the centre of this unique natural place, where the walls are that of the exterior of a large cave in the core of the island itself.

We are talking about the island named Koh Mook, which when translated into English means, “Pearl Island”, it is a gem that is for sure.

The most famous place to visit on this stunning island is Morakot Cave, which when translated into English means “Emerald Cave”, so named, for the colour of the water shining back onto the walls of the cave, giving them a glow of emerald green. You can only enter it, by the entrance that is under the face of the cliff, at the edge of the island. You swim through a tunnel and then you arrive at the most unusual and out of this world place, where you can enjoy a crescent shaped beach and the view is that of the high walls of the cave, open to the blue sky above. The sunlight shines into this quite unbelievable oasis of serenity and the sea shines back, casting the green colour onto the high cliffs that rise above you. It is simply a place that you will probably never see anywhere else in the world.

Back on land Koh Mook´s east side is lined with white sand beaches, so if you are not a strong swimmer or like to dive, then you will not be disappointed with this island paradise even if you
do not make the journey into the Morakot Cave.

How do you actually get to this island paradise?

It lies on the southern Andaman coast of southern Thailand. It is accessible by ferries from the main island of Phuket and only takes a morning to arrive on this paradise lost. The scenery from the ferry is stunning and will capture your imagination and make your dreams – of gorgeous bright tourmaline coloured waters and lots of little islands to photograph or sketch or simply remember – come true.


If you start your vacation from #Phuket, which is home to the fantastic resort of the Marriott Phuket Beach Club you will not only be able to enjoy exceptionally good accommodation but there are excellent restaurants within this resort, serving Thai and European cuisine. It is situated on a beautiful beach with the Andaman sea lapping onto its shores. The resort has swimming pools and other sport activities to while away the hours. One of its unique features is the Ginja Thai Cooking School.

Can you imagine learning to cook exquisite Thai food based on traditional recipes alongside modern influences? In small groups, in a purpose built Thai Sala style kitchen you will learn from a qualified Thai chef. A wonderful and original skill to learn while holidaying in this exotic and magical place, that is Thailand. The cooking school has a glass front that looks out onto the lush, tropical gardens and the sea, so don´t be surprised if you get distracted.

There are many islands around this coastline and if you venture into Phuket town you will be spoilt for choice from the many tour operators that will sell you ways to get to them. One of the best ways to get to Koh Mook for example is to make your way to the Russada Pier in Phuket, board the ferry which will take you to off shore Koh Mook, where a long-tail boat will pick you up and take you inshore adding to the whole adventure.

Another outstanding island to visit is Phi Phi, here you will find the Outrigger Phi Phi Island Resort and Spa, acres of palm tree clad land with bungalow style accommodation and a very long stretch of white sand beach,that is soft and fine on your skin. Little boats lined up onshore ready to take you out into the crystal waters of the Andaman sea. You can also enjoy cooking classes here too including fruit carving, which is a lovely way to present food to your dinner guests when you return home, with your endless stream of photos to show them. The restaurants are well appointed with super views out to sea, the food is of varied cuisines and includes Thai and fresh seafood. Phi Phi has unusual giant rock formations lying out to sea that you just cannot take your eyes off, they seem to be like giants watching over the people of Phi Phi.



These wonderful spa resorts are excellent bases for holidaying in Thailand, ensuring you of a comfortable base where you can either remain or explore. They are perfectly located to make the most of the scenery and excellent swimming and diving opportunities.

There is no fear of being in a resort on the Andaman Sea coast and not being aware that you are in Thailand. The décor, the friendly Thai staff, the long-tail boats near at hand, the fresh produce and the eye for detail in the surroundings and the style of accommodation.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many islands in this region that you will inevitably want to return to this part of the world, it really grabs you.