Octavio Frias De Oliveira Bridge, Brazil

Created by Lynn May Gosselin.

South America has the perfect temperatures in fall, so pack your bag and head to the fashion capital of Brazil, Sao Paulo.


The soccer matches may have ended with the final World Cup match completed earlier this year but the vibrancy of the city has not cooled off. The largest city in Brazil can appear intimidating to travelers, seething with people and imposing with giant buildings however; there is much to be discovered if you dig deep enough. A lively arts and culture scene can be found within the hundreds of rich museums and art galleries. The foodie vibe is rivaling that of other major gastronomic centers and the nighttime energy is electric with pulsing dance floors, bars and pubs. High energy and bright, pulsing charge is how Sao Paulo makes its’ mark on the globe. We’ve pulled together some interesting tidbits to add to your Sao Paulo checklist, perhaps steering away from the hot tourist spots and restaurants and inserting a few local favorites is the key to this rocking city.


Eat and Drink

In a city the size of Sao Paulo, diners are never spoiled for choice. With hundreds of world-class restaurants to choose from, representing over 50 types of cuisines, Sao Paulo is making its’ mark as a foodie haven. From smart bistros to elegant gourmet experiences, the city has it all. For stunning views as you sip your cocktail, try Skye Bar on the rooftop of Hotel Unique. The slick ambience is uber cool, white couches line a pool deck in the sky overlooking the skyscrapers on the horizon. The drinks are fabulous as well. For impressive design and amazing food try Figueira Rubaiyat. Small tables are scattered around the giant fig tree that grows in the centre of the restaurant. Offering some of the best barbeque and meet in Sao Paulo, the price tag is high but the service and food impeccable.

Art, yesterday and today

With over a hundred museums and art centers in the city, it would be impossible to get time in all of them. For a taste of both old world Brazilian art and creations of the present day, spend some time at the Fundacao Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano and Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo. Fundacao Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano houses stunning 17th century works of art in a sleek modern building. They also offer a wonderful afternoon tea service, the perfect way to sit and contemplate the masterpieces on display. After some history, head to the Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo for some time spent with modern masters. The awe-inspiring architecture will grab you from the minute you see the red accented building perched above the street. And once inside, be blown away by the artistic talent coming out of Brazil.

Patio Do Colegio, Sao Paulo, Brazil



If you only leave Brazil with one souvenir, let it be a piece of footwear. The local favorite and now worldwide obsession, Havaianas are homegrown in Sao Paulo. Head to the Havaianas Space on Rue Oscar Freire and select a pair of these fashionable, rubber flip-flops from the rainbow of colors on display. This flagship store is home to the complete collection of sandals and every brand product Havaianas makes. You can buy sandals for the whole family. If you can’t get to the Havaianas Space, stop in at the storefront at the JK Iguatemi Mall. Along with the famed sandals, this beautiful mall is a shopping destination while in Sao Paulo. Home to many designer stores along with larger mass world chain shops, this is the spot to get your shopping fix.