Uros Island

 Created by Alejandra Larade.

“Lots of Archeology, great cuisine, flora and fauna diversity, and beautiful sunsets. ”


Peru is enriched with great history and architecture and it’s a great blend of Andina and Novo cuisine. You can consider it for your next dream vacation or as a summer destination, just remember that summer in Peru is from December to April. You can enjoy great sunsets by the beach and great cuisine, as Peru has lots of fresh products.

The main archeological Inca site you must consider is Machu Picchu, which is a magical place with beautiful views. It’s a huge journey to get there and you can enjoy in the way that suits you best: rafting, tracking, walking taking the old road to Machu Picchu, which can take up to 4 days, or 8 hrs if you take the short version, or just arrive by train and enjoy the area and the site.


Machu Picchu


Get lost in time in some of their archeological sites, located all over Peru, such as Huaca Pucllana, Chan Chan, Choquequirao, Pisac, Quiricancha, in which you can mingle with the locals and enjoy some of their customs, folklore, festivities, or just watch how they create some of those beautiful hand crafts like those hand made quilts. Dive into the Nazca lines and imagine how those ancient geoglyphs got carved, or just enjoy the views and the peace of the place.

Colorful Fabric At Market In Peru, South America


If what you enjoy is the Nature, you will be fascinated by the flora and fauna diversity that you can find. As an example, are many kinds of birds that you can encounter in some of the areas, especially close to the Sacred Valley or close to the Amazons or to the Titicaca river; you can find colors that you didn’t even imagine. Transport yourself to a different era, enjoying a boat ride over the Titicaca river, where you’ll be taken in one of the oldest boats known: reed boat.


Admire some of the hand carved balconies exposed in Cusco, Lima, Arequipa, and some other areas. You’ll find many of them can be considered a master piece, and some of them are actually considered a cultural heritage, so you can wander around the streets to enjoy the view from outside, or tour some of the museums or old houses to experience the other side of the view.



For a mouthwatering experience you can try any of the restaurants from the acclaimed Chef Gaston Acuria, as he’s been named one of the best 50 chefs in the world; he explores a fusion between Novo Andina and Peruvian cuisine, and has add his own twist. His restaurants are favorites of locals and tourists. Other great options are some other chefs that also have explored the heritage cuisine that Peru has to offer.